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I' ve booked a refundable ticket on Orbitz and the airline refused to board the flight at the airport. I' ve booked a holiday package with Orbitz for a Thanksgiving trip to Cancun, Mexico. Orbitz: Ticket alarm! Get your own Flying United from $80 round trip

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Prices and regulations are subject at any time to be changed without prior notification. Places are restricted and may not be available on all flights/dates. See the full set of changes and cancellation policies that apply to the rate you wish to book. Ensure that Orbitz e-mails are delivered: Orbitz, LLC, 2018.

#1,047 reviews and complaints about Orbitz

So when I was on my next trip ($196.00 in total) I saw that they had made a mistake (I asked for AM and it was a delayed PM flight). Fortunately I had bought a $38 travel insurance. The Orbitz website will inform you that you can use travel insurance to cancellation a ticket and get the amount as a voucher for another one.

Canceled my trip and got a call number # to use my credit to make a reservation at the right number. Mr Orbitz told me that they would debit my bankroll with $200 to use my tickets to make a booking and buy a new one. It is MORE than my originally annulled ticket.

Nowhere on the website or in the travel insurance policy has this been mentioned. Now I have settled the cancellation together with the travel insurance on my ticket and can't do anything with it. That' stealing, not to speak of you making the error of making the false reservation.

I' m due a reimbursed ticket at no extra cost. I' ve tried to reserve a plane one weeks in advance, because of the airfare and the last-minute invitation to the marriage. When I was booked while I waited for my reservation to be confirmed, I was sent back to the searching window and asked to look again.

I went through the reservation procedure a second times and was not approved if I know that I have enough money not to accept the money. When I had done that, I was told that Orbitz was charging me and I had an outstanding debt that was being tried to be deferred. When I phoned support and two non-English speaking staff virtually fired me and said: "We didn't charged you anything.

" I' m angry, because when I make a booking on a page, I want your help. So I was explained quite exactly to keep it busy and waiting for my wallet to come back and post again. This means that my plane is getting more fare and I have to pay more now.

I' M NOT USING ORBITZ. Terribly poor support staff and wasted on Orbitz. The @Orbitz trip was arranged with @Porter Airlines in October, and as it was a big shock, we had to pay for the travel insurance. Forgetting about travel insurance, I tried to tell my history of the health condition of both Orbitz and Porter Airlines, neither organisation would give a refund because the flights were non-refundable.

My dad sent me the data he gave his employers for his vacation and I got in contact with Orbitz, who then put me in contact with Aon, who is their insurance company. Throughout ORBITZ on LinkedIn I managed to reach out to twenty plus executive within ORBITZ and spend a few hour on the telephone trying to find out a way not to have to disclose his Medical Record to just get a reimbursement and make the physicians comments available, I was told that there was nothing that can be done.

I' ve never had such a bad client relationship in my company's support department and I will tell my stories forever to the individuals I meet. Thank you for nothing @Orbitz @PorterAirlines #Orbitz #PorterAirlines. I' m calling support. When I had to alter the date, I was said that I could NOT to.

I' ve had rates a PV trip for a weeks if Or it is provided airfare, all included for less than $1300 for 2 or... Trying to reserve it for an hours got various news..... false information, not able to handle map (I tried 3 good maps not available). Obviously I approached support / they watched / after 15 min they got information, they could get it for $300 plus more.

I' ll never use Orbitz. Booking with Hotwire. Where can I find out that I can rely on these ratings about Orbitz? 800,000 Orbitz clients and major concerns about major international payment cards announce March 20. Said there was a loan, now went to reserve emergencies tickets home due to home emergencies and no loan. Orbice made no note in the files.

You blame Delta, Delta says we didn't get a reservation. It was Orbitz. Then Orbitz said, in order to make claims for cover..... and Expedia phoned me back. There is a huge lack of staff and knowledge of German and French. Booking price, wrongly written first and last name, first and last name correctly. I had been contacted within 24 hours I was said they did not know if the airline companies were asking for a new name and I would get a reply by e-mail within 48-72 hours.

About an hour later, to talk to Jessica - superintendent - I said that I phoned her within 24 hours. Is not reasonable since I phoned within 24 hours and representative was not notified, all they had to say is to undo and re-register now, that's all. I' ve reserved a cheap hire of cars for Ontario CA for February-March.

When I tried several times to get to Orbitz just to go abroad, I asked a superintendent to reverse the booking and shut down my Orbitz accoun. It was over six wards ago, but the booking is still open and my bank details are open. They replied that the bank cannot be shut down while there is an open booking.

They sent me a bill containing tax and charges when I came to the Orbitz company, they added more charges that almost doubled the cost, it was a classical lure and counter. I' ve been calling and emailing Orbitz, that was even more annoying than getting shaked.

At first they explained to me that abandonment could syndicate interest if it is a one-way journey, or if you don't elasticity the conveyance position with the phase of the moon magnitude of substance. So when I said to them that the charges weren't of that kind, but fake charges, they said to me that the company could be adding any charge.

In that case, they should have told me when making the booking instead of saying that the rate is inclusive of taxes and charges. I' d like to file a collective complaint against Orbitz. There were several parcels contained; Wifi, food and 2 floors of board loans.

Uh-huh. But when I went to NCL to sign up I missed the $200 on-board credit and NCL asked me to call Orbitz. And Orbitz said the other 3 credentials were auto, but I had to fill out a $200 loan from him. So I explained to them that they should have mentioned this approval seperately with fat pressure, which somehow points out that a mold was needed and that they should have sent the mold.

It was the first I used Orbitz, and it will certainly be the last one. I' m booking my plane, my room and my vehicle on Orbitz and I have to say they're lying. They didn't have the photos they had on their website for the property I made.

When I phoned Orbitz to make a complaint, I was informed that I could call off, but would be punished, even after telling the representative that I was afraid I would be there. It was nowhere stated when I hired my vehicle through Orbitz that they are hitting a $300 hold up charge on your plasticine.

Thus after I have arrived at Seattle Airfield, I have to go to all those who are looking for a vehicle hire company that does not boot the foolish toll, national is the only one that does not so Orbitz, you might want to remark this on your website if you are going to allow vehicle hire companies on your website because I was 2 hrs later for a session because of this crap. What do you want?

My client services were below average and the employees who processed my call have to be sacked. As a result, our customers were so badly served. To solve a basic issue, I phoned my NAME WAS incorrect in my flying detail. This is where the flop, known as a counter and lure, begins, and "EXTORT" more cash from this client, who just wants to help change the lot.

They' re all right. I phoned United. Their personnel were full of deceit, and the only way was to call off the trip and add $500. I' ve tried to make a reservation on-line, and the website said it was not able to make my reservation, try again in a few mins.

However Orbitz took every single transaction and kept up over $1000 of my current accounts balance for over a week! As I phoned to change reservations, they would offer a $75 coupon if I added a motel. Not for my hours on the telephone. Not for my years of bookings with them.

Waiting in the queue for 30 mins, I made a reservation with Expedia and will tell everyone I know to stay away from Orbitz at all cost. If you would like to book your next holiday with Orbitz, then NOT. Following the air carrier (TAP Portugal) having reserved a round trip to France via its website, it appears that it cancelled its flights back home a few working hours later.

Since this was more than a fortnight before the date of my flight back, it was Orbitz's duty to let me know of this amendment (in accordance with the TAP-Orbitz Memorandum of Understanding in such cases). Orbitz did not only not sent me an e-mail or SMS to let me know that my flights had been postponed to the previous flight but they also sent me the ORIGINAL SERVICE EVER.

It' s 2 o'clock in the morning in France and I should go out in the morning, but I still couldn't talk to someone who could help me change my booking. It' not that I wasn't patience enough: I have already talked to 9 different Orbitz agents and have been on the telephone for the last 4h30.

1 ) I still don't know if I can go out and actually check in at the airport and keep my work.....; and 2) I spend my last allegedly good nights on the telephone with Orbitz for potentially NOTHING. It' totally incredible and by far (by far!!!!!) the poorest website for travelling on line and the poorest client services.

NOT BOOK VIA THEM!!!!!! That was the most horrible thing I've ever experienced with a reservation firm. Had to make a quick modification to my itinerary and was not able to do it on the website, so I phoned support. That third call was also hard to hear, but he made it through the trial, confirming that my CC was implicated.

During my REETURN trip the company wanted to recharge my credits! Anothers call to Orbitz and they said they didn't work the CC boots (I think because they also did talk fractional English)! We kindly ask you to have a support representative who speaks and understands English! I' ve booked a room for March to Orbitz in January.

I got an SMS 1 months later saying I had to get in touch with them via Orbitz about a booking. They said I had to go to another accommodation and make the payment to keep a booking that date. Since I thought this was a fraud, I phoned Orbitz, they acknowledged the booking and sent me an e-mail confirming it that date.

Orbitz said it must have been a fraud because I still had the booking and it was approved. The following weekend I got an e-mail from Orbitz with the same content as the SMS. Now it says that the accommodation where I made the booking is still under development and will not be finished in March, so I have to make a booking changes in another accommodation.

It' now 1 months away, the hotel is more pricey ($400 more to be exact), even less hotel and Orbitz option tells me that I have to spend more for a confusion over which I had no controls. For 50 and a half-minute I was on the telephone with Orbitz agents, wasting my whole midday rest and was still NOT DECISIONED.

I was on the telephone for another 20 mins and they got a room now. But I will never use Orbitz again! A year and a half ago I made a reservation for a plane and a room through Orbitz. We got a transfer and didn't go to work.

Orbits said Delta altered it. When we tried to find other flights that would work, we had to call it off, get a reimbursement and begin again. Orbits said they were only starting the reimbursement procedure on 1-2-18 to find out today 1-26-18 that they did not have. When I was on the line with Orbitz for 1 hour and 7 minutes, I phoned Delta and talked to Jarita, who said that Orbitz had NO reimbursement claims for me.

I have received a reimbursement from Delta and they have even sent me a verification e-mail. And then I recalled Orbitz and spoke to a SUPERVISOR by the name of Angel, who suggested to me that the individual who was to begin the reimbursement procedure never did! and they' ve now initiated the trial and asked her if she can call Delta to speed up the trial they' (Orbitz) dumped the game.

It then said she could speak to the Orbitz company bureau and put me on holding RECOMMENDATIONS. I was then moved to Craig's house and he admits that Orbitz had dumped the football and the best thing they could do for me was give me a $200 gift card, but here's the foosball, the gift card is only good for 1 year!

Craig tried to tell me that it was a "misunderstanding" when I said that every single call I made to verify my reimbursement I was LIED! I' ll never drive through Orbitz again. Think twice about walking through Orbitz, you will be very sorry and they will not only try to cheat you, they will be lying and you will not be made up!

I' ve arranged a ticket for my man under my bank details. I had to find the best offer and the cheapest flights. Booking and ready to go! Just to find out they were booking under my name. So, I phoned support several of the time and was able to talk to someone who spoke good English, but not very well.

Also no change trains. They simply asked me to make another reservation and lose the one I had already made. That would be the last used Orbitz.com. Took off for Orbitz to catch a plane. I found a low-cost plane to F. $105 round trip.

I' ve entered and clicked on my details to make a further reservation. /But I can post it for $174. i went back to the Orbitz.com site and saw this same fly up and it was @ $105 again oh just like the first all the taxes and charges included. I' m three days from my reservation and it's still $105.

Coming from Orbitz, but I got a cash advance from Spirit Airlines for every plane within the next two inches. As I had to cancelling my trip, I was informed that my travel policy would give me airline mileage that I could use at another point in the world. Trying to use it, I was said it would be more expensive than the loan would be for.

So, travel assurance is a rip-off, travel expenses are pointless, and no one could tell me anything but to get the loan and get it booked separately. Make your reservation directly with your carrier now! Reserved hotels are no longer in operation and are still on the website. We' ve reached the premises and the motel has been torn down, we have phoned the telephone on the route and the woman has said that a year ago she has asked to delete the register.

In order to get my reimbursement, their website wants me to make a call to the US because they don't have an e-mail on their website. So I got them on their Facebook page to get a reimbursement and told them to get in touch with the hotels and send me a messege.

After I explained the position and put the subject down, I recalled Orbitz. Next I phoned the reason why the company didn't have my booking was that you had to give them one of the days to get the booking before they could help you.

They had a fire at Grizzly Jack's Waterpark in Utica, IL and phoned me to have my booking cancellation. Orbitz, (man, I can't get this lesson back). Upon my request, I inform the client that the hotel has phoned me to have my booking reversed and he has given me a copy of the cancellation reimbursement conditions.

Orbitz, why don't you have the number of the hotel that works with you. 30 mins later I state that I am a mom of 4 children and need to get off the telephone. Callled to order free support - I had a few queries. It was explained that the prize I just found (within 5 minutes) on the Orbitz site was out-of-date.

So I went to the EXPEDIA website and book the trip myself in 7 min - from beginning to end. If Orbitz is referring to its after sales services, it really must pull itself together. To get started, consider US-based US caller client reservation agencies - English fluenters.

I' m done with Orbitz. ORBITZ - ANGY Traveler - ORBITZ sells bad airline tickets - I have been a faithful ORBITZ client for many years. Obviously I go where I get the best offer, but ORBITZ was my trip website. I' m planning my trip to the Hawaiian islands month in advance. So?

But I know how to make a reservation. I' ve reserved two ORBITZ seats for r/t Maui/Honolulu. There is no news from the airlines, but mostly no news from ORBITZ, the tour operator through whom I reserved my ticket. Note that I have already been informed of a 5-minute clock changeover for my February trip.

Had Hawaiian Airlines had no room on their plane, our plan would have been messed up. Had I not been able to buy two local maps, my holiday would have been a ruin and I would have spent tens of millions of dollars on the lovely sea views room I had reserved in Waikiki.

Having spent about 10 disappointing lessons on the telephone with ORBITZ' not informed, not able to book a flight and not know how to employ its staff, I found out that I should have talked to Island Air all the time about the original ticket purchases. Iceland Air is out of the shop (without ORBITZ taking the trouble to inform me), so no goodbye.

I had to spend about $450 to get two guys on a half-hour plane from Maui to Honolulu. All this could have been prevented if ORBITZ had just done their work and told me that the ticket they were selling me was not good. I am mad that a business the scale of ORBITZ can be so incapable about the core features of its business.

The ORBITZ was selling me a poorly done tickets and then said: "Fuck you! On November 9, ORBITZ knew that Island Air would close its door the next morning. The ORBITZ had one and a half months to inform me. ORBITZ' apology was that the plane was not "cancelled". The ORBITZ did not rebook me or point out that there was a fault with our plane and then declined to take any responsibilities or try to make it right.

ORBITZ's poor politics have taken their toll on a faithful client. OrbitzsELLS bath plane ticket!!!!! Due to a snow storm, the room booking must be cancelled via Orbitz. The hotel says Orbitz is renting their room and they want me to get in touch with Orbitz. The HOTEL politics is non-refundable and they give the dollar to them, Orbitz says.

I' m inclined to believe the Orbitz and think Orbitz is full of it! Orbice seems to be a fraud. Both we and two other pairs have reserved flights that have been switched from 14:00 to 2:00 the next morning. And Orbitz took no accountability for anything. Didn't help or could explain why flights were postponed to another date!

For my mother I arranged a sightseeing trip from Morocco to the USA, but I was appalled when I found out that my mother needed a Canada travel permit on her way back. The route did not mention either the issue of visas or the issue of visas.

Orbitz didn't make it. I' ve called Orbitz support, but unfortunately the sales rep and the superior did not help me. You have tried to annul this present reserve and impose all costs on me, which is unjust. To give them two asterisks because the posting procedure was deceptive and their client services are not useful at all.

When I called for 70 minutes, they said I had to change my booking and pay $200, then change my booking OR my mother had to get the visa.

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