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Use the page below to check the rates. Orbits says legacies travels site likely to hack and affect 880K

Chico (AP) - Orbitz says one of his older web sites may have been compromised and perhaps expose the personally identifiable information of individuals who bought on line between January 1, 2016 and December 22, 2017. Orbitz.com's recent website was not part of the case. Now Orbitz is the property of Expedia Inc. of Belleview, Washington.

On Tuesday, Orbitz said that about 880,000 debit and credit cards were affected. The information that is likely to have been discovered may include name, mailing and billing information, date of birthday, telephone number, e-mail and sex. However, social security information has not been compromised. It said that there was proof that an assailant may have access to information held on the site between October 1, 2017 and December 22, 2017 - both for users and counterparties.

For one year Orbitz offers a free loan surveillance and identification security services in the country where this is possible.

Hackers have been stealing client information for two years, Orbitz says.

Orbitz trip reservation site was chopped, the corporation said. Expedia's website confirms in a declaration that it has "identified and resolved a privacy issue affecting an old ticketing platform". In March, the firm found proof that an assailant had accessed the company's old system between October and December last year.

During this period, the cracker has been accessing client information from the last two years - between January 2016 and December 2017 - including name, birthdates, mailing and e-mail address, sex and credit and debit cards information. The assailant may have access to his or her own client information on the company's user interface between January and mid-June 2016.

However, the firm said it had no hard and fast proof that this information was downloadable from the site. "We' re working fast to inform affected clients and partners," the declaration says. Orbitz.com's website is not affected by the violation.

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