Orbitz Ticket Confirmation

Orbice Ticket Confirmation

I tried to book a flight via Expedia to San Diego and it was never confirmed or booked. Orbitz: Trip documents Hello Ken, thank you for the journey with Orbitz. The email will confirm the ticket number(s) for the Boston 4/4/11 journey. Please go to "My Travels" to include this booking in your calender. You can exchange or cancellation many of your flight passes on line by selecting the Change/Cancell Flight Ticket feature in MyTravels.

Any changes to your route may incur extra charges. Read the tariff regulations in "My travels" to find out more. Attention to the ticket requirements. With these Orbitz Care trip recommendations you will have a stress-free time at the airport: -- Don't forget to make a copy of this e-mail and take it with you to the destination.

Their itineraries and ticket numbers may be necessary for check-in and/or entry. Please do not forget to take a full picture ID with you to the Aiport. Make your plans in advance and come to the airports in time. We kindly ask you to read these revised safety and packaging policies, as they may vary from time to time. Checking in information As you travel with an e-ticket, no ticket will be sent to you.

Timetable changes You can get an email from Orbitz if a timetable changes before or during your journey. Any such changes will also be noted in "My Travels". When there are changes to the flights, take a print-out with the revised route and ticket number(s) to the AĆ©roport.

You will receive an e-mail 2-3 working nights before your depart. Finally, you can look up your booking at any time under "My Travels" or on your cell at m. orbitz.com. You can write us an e-mail if you have any queries. The rates are both the basic monthly per person per day and the total price per person per night, including the basic rates, tax and surcharges.

The prices are without engagement and do not contain additional costs such as room services. They' re calculated at today's current foreign exchanger level, but the price of the accommodation is calculated in your country's own currencies. Thanks for purchasing Orbitz. Orbitz- Care TeamP.S. Do you need an explanation? Such bookings are governed by our Privacy Policy and our General Conditions.

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