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There are several filters so that you can narrow down your search by number of stops, departure and arrival times and flight class. Her travel document Hallo Clark, Danke für die Reise mit Orbitz. British-airways & Orbitz have found the perfect way not to help me: Put the guilt on each other!

About four nights ago, I was booking a plane that I shouldn't have. I tried today to call off this ticket and get a reimbursement, as I would not be going to fly and the journey would not have taken place until September, enough to sell the ticket again. This was a $500 plane bought from British Airways over Orbitz.

Basically, I hit a pushbutton and dropped $500. That way they keep the kind of cash they haven't earned. I' ll keep my foot on the floor and my cash will go away. According to British Airways, the ticket was non-refundable and Orbitz cannot therefore reimburse it. Orbitz's best option is to give me a $275 exchange charge on British Airways.

Then I' ll have to give British Airways more cash to meet the remaining costs of my new ticket. Here is what Orbitz had to say about my current riddle. Now, my goodness, I can certainly rationalise with someone from British Airways who can make this magic disclaimer. Or, because it is their decision, they can call something "non-refundable", which makes all errors persistent.

I have British Airways as the registered dealer on my ticket. You could dispense with the non-refundable ticket rules, they just won't do it. Orbit could help me get a reimbursement if they really wanted it, they just won't do it. Those firms keep $500 of my cash on a plane I don't take. You don't loose anything, you sell the chair, and I loose $500.

Prior to leaving you and sobbing into a nice cushion I bought at Target, I realize that there are some questions about my sound and my behaviour towards the various support staff I have been communicating with, and so I am leaving you my last, most frustrating message that I am giving both Orbitz and British Airways with their answers.

Never buy a ticket from British Airways or Orbitz. I' d give $500 to see that.

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