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Book with Orbitz - Air Travel Forum It was a great prize, but after I talked to him and raised my own concern about my trip to MĂ©xico. I' m informed that there are no buses after 8pm and that I have to pick up a car from CancĂșn for 144 dollars. Prior to my arrival in Maycun I was informed that there were not only busses that drove into the area with about 12 dollars, but also the cab fare was about $40 dollars (the personal transfers are non-refundable).

When I returned home, I spend a few hour on the telephone from one unit to another. It was eventually explained that a reimbursement inquiry would be sent to Grayline and it would take 24 hrs for a response from there. Twenty-four after that, I got a response that I changed my itinerary.

I can' t believe why I needed a cab on the twenty-fourth so I could be at the airfield two and a half hour before my plane ride when I was flying on the twenty-fifth at 12:25 (25 min after midnight). "I made changes to my travel arrangements without even mentioning them," I sent me a copy of the airline information and confirmation e-mails that the firm had sent me.

Grayline has been informed by the account executive who contacted by e-mail that this is an error. However, after lots we' re appricating your facility and keeping e-mail being received off them and I get up with wait weeks and months and weeks and no response to my multiple proposals for how I can talk to the manager or what is your complaint proceeding I now receive no response.

The Orbitz website offers you extras such as transfers as part of the reservation procedure. And I was a woman who traveled alone and even too at this time of day.

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