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Orbitz- Customer Case Study Since its introduction in 2010, the Orbitz app has been a leading app in the travel sector. This was the first time that allowed the user to make hotel, flight and car rentals bookings from the app. This was also the first travel application to be optimised for a tray in 2013 and the first to allow Android and iPhone customers to purchase holiday packs in 2015.

In order to win more clients in the field, travellers have to find new ways to interaction with the app again and again. "On-line travel agent applications are mainly used to search and book a travel, but research, scheduling and the intrip adventure are important steps in a traveler's itinerary.

It' a challenge for any travel agent to make a journey from start to finish," he says. Because travellers still use their mobiles on holiday, for example, the app provides a convincing way to communicate with clients outside the searching and reservation processes. This overlapping increases Orbitz's sales and at the same token, provides clients with a more informative holiday feeling.

Using Store and Usage Intelligence information, they were able to get a clear idea of their competitors' current usage figures and compared them with their own figures. The Orbitz app also prevailed in the most important metrics for app subscribers with lower numbers of downloads: Commitment. The ability to understand the latest downloads of current usage was an important tool used to develop effective app acquiring strategy for Orbitz.

This knowledge is not only good for competition research, but also for the Orbitz research teams to see whether the use of the competition is increasing through new characteristics and what could be made more. "It is our policy to provide a more appealing and personalised app environment - we want our clients to have the best possible customer experiences in our app," says Rita.

The deep integration of the Orbitz Rewards fidelity programme into the app experiences was one way to achieve this. With the Orbitz App, App customers receive a higher bonus of customer satisfaction when they book through the Orbitz App. It' an easy way to rewards the best people while getting more apps.

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