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The city has launched a website to help people buy cheap airline tickets. Buy flight tickets via Orbitz In November my man and I travelled to Denver and saw a good fare for plane tickets with American through Orbitz. Since my travel agency has recently left the state and is in a state of change, I have chosen to buy it now. I' ve got a certificate, but no e-tickets, although it says that e-tickets are made out, no printed tickets.

Can someone please tell me how this works and how I get the e-tickets? It' the first one I' ve bought tickets on line and it made me a little bit jumpy because I don't know how to do it right. Simply complete the form (or go to the website and send a copy of your verification code).

They can even go back on-line within 24 hours of your journey and make a printout of your tickets (check in online). You can take your baggage (if available) to the skycape and directly to the departure gates (which are shown on your board-ticket - but double-check with your sky-cap, as they sometimes switch gates) with your paper board-tickets and IDs.

P.S. regarding your boarding passes: You must go to aa.com to get them, not to Orbitz. There' will be some kind of verification key on your e-mail that you will need to enter on the AAA website (you can also select your places this way). I' ve used Orbitz about 10x in the past without any problem.

To reassure myself, I call the carrier I fly with (in your case American) and verify my details and seats. All I have to do is drop off my ID at the ticket office (if I have to register luggage) and they will lift my itinerary and give me the boarding passes.

Hello hikers, congratulations on your first web air travel sale. Having searched for rates on pages like Orbitz, I verify whether the respective carriers have the same or a lower rate on their website for the data and hours I have used. When they do, I buy my tickets at the respective carriers. was canceled and when I went to the desk, the carriers wouldn't help me because I used a discount store to buy my tickets.

Only out of your own interest, did you review the rates for the same flight directly with America before you booked with Orbitz? Orbitz, CheapTickets and other on-line rates are useful, but I would rather make a direct reservation with the carrier, if possible. However, I booked Paris last year with CheapTickets (much cheaper than the Air France website).

I' ve got an e-mail confirming that e-tickets (also by e-mail) will arrive and that they will arrive one or two days later. As soon as you have this, you can usually validate everything on-line on the airline's website. You will also need to make a daily or two departures and one or two days before your return home.

Airline companies are constantly changing their flight plans. Wellcome to the realm of travel management on line. I' m doing what some other placards have mentioned - using Orbitz as a base to see which carriers have the best rates. I then go to the web pages of the airline companies with the best offers and try there as well.

Usually I find that the "intermediaries" are usually $5 higher than the airline companies themselves (service fee). Keep in mind that there are budget carriers such as Southwest and Independence that are not promoted on Orbitz or Extedia. Mostly I use expandedia and orbitz (and their partners hotwire) for rental cars and hotel.

etc. but then go to the airlines' own websites or call them directly to buy tickets. I' m not saying it's a better way, but the rates have always been similar or lower and it gives me more security in my dealings with the carrier I fly.

Orbitz, are all on-line travel agents, as they act as intermediaries between you and the carriers. Like a travel agent, the company requires you to work with the agent first if a cancellation is made. All 800 numbers of travel agents have their own telephone numbers and can be reached easily by telephone.

Wanderer, I suggest you find the 800 number on the website and have it at hand if problems arise during your trip; for example, you could have phoned Orbitz directly to ask for your e-tickets. And Orbitz before for plane tickets. Whenever possible, however, I would rather make bookings directly with the airlines.

Like others have said, when you visit the airline's website, you can usually (not always) receive exactly the same price less the fee for the services. There are other good reason to contact the carrier directly: you will usually get better conditions if you have to switch your tickets. The Northwest has a uniquely "24 Hours Your-Minute Change" policy that allows you to void your reservation until the next day's middle of the night (central time).

Using this rule, I rebooked the next full working week with different travel dates. Well, I don't think I could have done it with Orbitz. In addition, airline companies often provide you with an incentive to make bookings on their web sites, such as FF mileage bonuses. Orbitz and Travelocity sometimes have great rates that the airline companies themselves don't have. If you want the rate, you have to make reservations with them.

Otherwise, I say you go directly with the carrier. What particularly struck me about Orbitz is the way they inform me about any change in the route - something that is rarely done by today’ s... I' ve just used Orbitz to get into the Savannah GA and back from Atlanta. Another thing about Orbitz, they have one of a kind flying combination I haven't found anywhere else.

You are mixing and comparing carriers to offer you the best value. You do not need to call the carrier to receive your seating allocation - as long as you have your validation, you can go to the airline's website. I' m sorry, but after using ORBITZ I began to get loads of pop-ups on my computer, which is really annoying, and a lot of it.

Maybe, but no orbit for me! In September 2005 we used Orbitz (I thought it would be simpler to use than Expedia) for our first "non travel agent" journey and everything went well. I' ve got the hotels, carriers, seats and insurances all in one go. Recommended e-mail acknowledgement the night before the departure. I called the airport and the hotels after 48 hrs, just to see if we made it into their workstations.

We' ve been printing our e-tickets from home. When we got back from San Fran, we used a vending machines at the airfield to get our tickets and avoid a huge line at the United counter.

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