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Orbitz Team, United Airlines until the closure of the 22-year-old travel website

Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! Wrongly designed as RTL! United and Orbitz sued a 22-year-old New Yorker for what? He launched a website last year called Skiplagged.com to help clients find low-cost air travel with a long standing business metaphor known as "hidden city" - to find a trip that has a stopover at your chosen location and does not continue for the final stage of your itinerary.

Suppose you want to travel from New York to Atlanta, but if you make your buy, the ticket is almost $500. Actarer Zaman's website would let you know that if you booked a New York-Los Angeles service with a stopover in Atlanta, you would save more than $300.

Of course, there are limits to the number of concealed urban passes. This only works with one-way passes, as airlines will reverse the remainder of your flight schedule if you do not register for one of your flight. Whilst concealed town permits are not against the law, they are strongly scorned by the airlines. United and Orbitz brought a suit against Zaman in November saying: "The defendant Zaman....used his website to deliberately and wilfully violate the plaintiffs' aviation agreements and relationships, wrongly associating it with Orbitz and United.

Zaman has violated Orbitz Worldwide's contract with the airline industry and United's contract with customers by encouraging banned modes of transportation on Skiplagged." Businesses are also sueing Zaman for $75,000 in sales losses. Zaman was expecting the suit, claiming that his website is perfectly legitimate.

is a Bangladeshi native who was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He' has a full-time position at a technological start-up and is running a side scheme called Ski-Plagged - a move he won' t give up so easy. To date Skippedlagged had raised almost $13,000 from his $15,000 gate.

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