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OTA - Travel & Tourism Industry Glossary. A number of agencies sell a variety of travel products such as flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities and packages.

Let us represent you in dealing with the OTA' s.

On-line travel agencies (OTAs) have quickly become the most important sales channels for the travel sector, and with appropriate agency and allocation, hotel operators can draw visitors from all over the globe. OTA' like Expedia, Booking.com and Priceline are the most efficient way to fill your rooms 365 nights a year.

To make a living with OTA' s, the key is to be pro-active about prices, ratings, available space and great pay. Not only use Expedia and Booking.com, but you can also include additional OTA, meta search pages and GDS channel, so your cost is lower and your income is higher. Being a single hotel owner, it can be a real dare to find the necessary resources to run large organisations like the OTA.

EXDEDIA Gold - Enjoy a top ranking with an avarage 33% higher level of performace than with a self-administered face-to-face approach. These include Hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity and financed promotion for your property. The OTA commissions apply. The OTA commissions apply. Booking.com VIP Rankings - You get a top ranking with an increase in efficiency of 31% on board compared to a self-managed wager.

The OTA commissions apply. TravelAdvisor Journey Connect - Take advantage of low-cost instant booking on the world's biggest travel website. Allow 12-15% commissions. Accommodation ads - Show your accommodation on Google.com and Google Maps, across all your mobile phones, and resell rooms directly on Google. 10 percent provision from Google. HOTWIREL - Increase your booking with first-class redistribution on the top discounted travel site.

Complementary OTA fee (10-35% depending on participation). Reach new market segments with Agoda, Asia's premier online booking service. 15 percent OTA fee. Every Magnuson Hotels site is privately held and managed.

Travel Agency and Online Travel Agency (OTA) Solutions

Include travel items such as lodging, parcels, tickets, trips and other activites, transfer, car rental, ships, and more. The system is intergrated with Travelport Galileo and Amadeus. Being a very user-friendly system, it requires no specific education or certifications, so the same individual who already sells other items can buy airline seats and even mix them all together.

Facilitate business-to-business or B2C clients and businesses to buy airline seats through online vendors. Comprehensive set of management and reporting utilities for managing bookings, client profile and client communication. Reduce your response times with quicker quotes and invoices. Provide your clients with nice, multi-lingual, fully customised routes with photographs and overviews. Benefit from our high-performance two-way e-mail system to successfully communication with your clients and vendors.

Allow travellers or travel agencies to find all of your travel items on your business-to-business or b2c website. Allow them to review pictures, pricing, descriptions and travel product promotions, find items using Google Maps, make live package and reservation requests, and make online payment. Receive invaluable customer feedbacks to enhance offerings, bundles and service offerings.

Polls are sent to each traveller as soon as they have completed their trip. Do not enter all general travel requests in the system now. Each customer and traveller is synchronized with your Mailchimp newsletters so you can send them the latest messages and offers via e-mail. Launch your own rewards programme to rewards clients who shop frequently.

You can use a system of customer loyalties to help your clients buy more. Travellers collect points for every reservation and can use them the next time they shop. Defining the value of each point and excluding some items from the system of loyalties. Substitute your Excel spreadsheets and use our operation panel to make sure all travellers receive the ordered work.

See all bookings and product information in one place. Benefit from our high-performance two-way e-mail communications to successfully interact with your vendors. Administer customer and supplier settlements and bills. Automatize customer billing alerts to get payed more quickly. Utilize reporting to help you find the most valuable clients or travel agencies and concentrate on increasing revenue with the most lucrative!

Using reviews to find the most profitable customer and directory search. We were able to handle all our reservations and our clientele in one place.

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