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PER/YPPH | Arrivals, Departures & Routes

Actual meteorlogical data for 3,000 international airfields superimposed on the chart. The Global IR Satellite offers a global blanket of clouds on the chart, which is updated every 60 mi. The Global Radar offers global areas with heavy rainfall on the chart, which are updated every 30 mins. The overall rainfall shows the rainfall areas on the chart, which are updated 12 days a year.

Airmets/ Sigmets from agencies that predict important meteorological incidents that are potentially dangerous for flight are upgraded every 30 mins. Records flash strokes on the card that are reloaded every 15 mins. Windspeed and winddirection on the chart, in 1,000 feet steps, 12 updates daily. The borders of the worldwide flight information areas and the upper information areas are shown on the chart.

Different Oceanian trails, includes North Atlantic trails, superimposed on the chart. Height and velocity information at a single sight when you move your mouse over any part of the flight route. Navigation way points and air routes for high and low flights superimposed on the chart. Gain an immediate view of the airport delays worldwide or in a specific area.

Be aware that more than one layer of activity can slow down loading and reduce page yield.

Arrivals & Departures | Live Flight Information

Perth Airport flight arrivals and departures are recorded in near-realtime so you know exactly when your buddies, co-workers or relatives took off or made it. It is possible to perform a flight ticket check by carrier, flight number or flight leg, with the flight's progres. The Perth Airport has four terminal, which are subdivided into two separated areas.

Things have merged between Ter-minals 1 and 2, about 7 leagues from Ter-minals 3 and 4. T3/T4 district is 7. 5 mile from the town, while the T1/T2 district is further away, around 11 mile from Perth. The other three are used exclusively for internal services.

From and to the airport, all our round-trip connections will take off and arrive in Terminals 1. You will find the check-in counters on the first, middle and lefthand floors of the school. You will find the safety control on the upper storey on tier one, with departures gate and lounge on tier two. Most of the stores and canteens in the airport are on the first tier before going through secure area.

The third layer has a visual area for those who want to see how people they love take off. Eight gateways are also planned for internal travel in Terminals 1, and there are check-in counters on the far lefthand side of the building. Departures are one storey higher, along with the opportunity to have a snack or buy a last-minute gift.

Terminals 2 is only built on one floor. You will find the check-in area on the lefthand side when you arrive at the airport terminals, with a café, lounge and newspaper kiosk and a connection to Terminals 1 after the lock. Terminals 3 and 4 divide into a two-storey structure. There are T4 check-ins to the lefthand side of this structure, T3 to the right.

There is a pedestrian control area to the lefthand side of the check-in area at both of them. The flight starts from the top floor, which has a bridge that connects the two areas. On the first floor, Terminal 1 is used for arrival at the airport, with a hall leading to the Australian border troops. If you want to rent a vehicle from Perth airport, turn off to your right after clearing the border.

National travelers landing in T1 must pass all internal ports and then turn right to collect their bags. Arriving at T 2, take a few steps to the arrival lounge, then turn lefthand to the conveyor belts and rental desks. At T3/T4, the check-in area is on the groundfloor.

You will find a kiosk on the far lefthand side in front of the exit, behind the check-in area for T3. Every of the terminals has clearly identified tracks for cars getting off or collecting travellers from Perth Airport. As with all Australian airfields, the drivers must always stay with their cars.

There are two Park & Wait areas available if you have a little extra airport wait. At the airport there are two areas for visibility. There is one in Terminal 1, on the third level. Second one is outside the airport, on Dunreath Drive by the car park.

At Perth Airport, where should I leave my car? The two districts at Perth Airport have the possibility of car parks in the near and long run. In the T1/T2 district and in the T3/T4 district the rates are the same. The T3/T4 has another car park: Almost track. There is Perth Airport 7.5 leagues eastwards from the town, one way, coach or shuttles.

To get to the CBD, take National Highway 94 from the airport to the east. When you have passed this street for three kilometres, take the bend on the lefthand side to drive northbound on State Route 8. Crossing the Swan River, this street takes you to Newcastle Street, which provides easy entry to the Perth's northerly neighbourhood.

The 380 line links the T1/T2 area with the town center and several other traffic junctions. From the Elizabeth Quay coach station, the tour also ends at Victoria Park, Burswood and Belmont Forum Shopping Centres. T3/T4 passengers can take the number 40 coach from the airport to Elizabeth Quay station in the south of the CBD.

In addition to a number of Perth based airports that offer a live shuttleservice, the Connect Shuttles can be booked through T3. The T1/T2 area is connected to T3 by a free of charge shuttles. The stations are East Perth Railway Terminal, Beaufort Street, Wellington Street, The Kings Perth Hotel and Adelaide Terrace.

It will take about 15 min. to get to the town. The flight information is provided by Flightview and is for information only.

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