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The customer is responsible for any price changes for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. Work with our partners to earn TrueBlue points for cars. You can build your perfect escape and save money by booking your flight and hotel together. Airfare + Hotel, Airfare + Car, Hotel + Car, Hotel, Activities Only. Book a hotel, flight & car rental with a wheelchair.

Modification and Cancellation Policy

Attention: All purchase of travelling, hotel, car hire, luggage and seating expenses, associated bookings and supplements, transport costs and tax are non-refundable. Changes or cancellation within seven (7) day of planned checkout will not be credited unless you have bought TripFlex? Buying Trip FlexiTM at the moment of your bookings gives you the freedom to modify and cancellation your reservations without any fee (see below for details).

In the case of journeys commencing on 16 August 2017, non-bookings of a journey or changes or cancellations of a route within the framework of the below mentioned cancelation guidelines shall be considered to have been arranged by the client and the remainder of the journey, inclusive of any returns departures, shall be canceled and all amounts shall expire. Otherwise, the amount will be credited less the cost of airlines, reservation fee and cancellations, except that cancellations will not be charged if you purchase the product (the amount of money you pay for the product is non-refundable).

Any trip with coupon amounts from a particular route must be closed on that route no later than 365 calendar days after the initial date of reservation. Twenty-four (24) hour after the date of reservation, a route may only be canceled if the planned take-off date of the ticket is at least seven (7) day or more from the date of the initial reservation.

For more information about the World MasterCard® programme, click here. If you do not reverse a route within the specified period before the planned takeoff, no refund will be made. All your fares plus charges for this sector will be forfeit. If you find a lower overall rate for your holiday packages (air/hotel, air/car or air/hotel/car) on a different page within 48 hrs of your first reservation, you will receive a voucher* for 100% of the balance from Allegiant on.

This cheaper bundle must contain tax and charges, be available to the general public to book on a website in the same language and use the same method of financing as your initial reserve at the moment you make your entitlement. Reduced overall fare must be exactly the same as the travel plan reserved with Allegiant (without airline), with a similar cancelation policies.

Departure and arrival airport must be within 40 mile of the original route reserved. Claims can only be asserted once per route. A route is not qualified if changes were made to the original route at the point of the complaint. Excluding JpFlexTM: Modification and cancelation charges are applicable to all routes that do not contain MRP.

It is not possible to add a trip FlexTM to an already reserved booking unless a minors infant is added to an already registered route. Amendments and cancellation must be made at least seven (7) day before the planned flight time. Any changes to the flight part of a route are dependent on a $75 per passenger, per compartment, per seat and a possible fare increment.

Cancellation of the entire trip plan will incur all of the above costs, and allegiant will retain the airline's costs and associated reservation costs. Qualifying routes with credits from changes or cancellation will receive a non-refundable, non-transferable coupon for further trips for 365 nights from the initial reservation date. The customer is liable for any changes in prices for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.

Using JpFlexTM: Modification and cancelation charges do not cover travel plans that include JpFlexTM. When used, any subsequent modification and/or cancelation requests will be handled as a route without the use of TripFlex? and will therefore be governed by all of the above time frames, guidelines and charges. A TripFlex? can only be canceled within 24 hrs of the date of purchase, provided no changes have been made to the route.

When TripFlexTM is canceled on-line, a non-refundable, non-transferable coupon for further trips will be given for 365 nights from the date of origin. Cancellation of a flight must be made at least one (1) hours before the planned flight date, but all other packages such as hotel, activity and car are forfeit.

Allegiant will retain the carriers' dues, the costs of TripFlex? and the associated reservation dues. Any changes to a tour must be made at least seventy-two (72) hour before the planned date of depart. Any changes are dependent on air fare, hotel and car rent. Cancellation of the entire travel plan must be made at least 72 hrs before the planned flight time.

Allegiant will retain the carriers' dues, the costs of TripFlex? and the associated reservation dues. Qualifying routes with credits from changes or cancellation will receive a non-refundable, non-transferable coupon for further trips for 365 nights from the initial reservation date. The customer is liable for any changes in prices for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.

You can only cancel your trips within 24 hrs of your order, provided no changes have been made to your route. Exemptions from the above guidelines may involve specific promotional reservations, purchases and some itineraries. The following regulations apply: All changes to your booking must be made through Allegiant.

When checking in at your hotel, you must present a debit cardholder. There is a compulsory hotel tax at the moment of check-in, which must be paid by the hotel owner alone. Allegiant's all-inclusive rate does not include the resorts fees, which are paid exclusively by the hotel to provide added value to you.

For example, you may be charged for resorts, spas, car parks, day rates, power supplements, telephone and/or tips. The most hotel check-in hours are 14:00 to 15:00 and most hotel checkout hours are 11:00 to 12:00. Rent-a-Car Tax, supplements and levies are not part of your parcel and will be charged directly by the car hire company when you collect your car.

All car hire firms are charged according to car hire company and car hire time. Charges may contain concession levy, surcharge/tyre battery charge, licence levy, state duty and scrapping surcharge. Accepting a rent alteration depends on the car's availablility. The client is liable for the rent increases.

Changes (e.g. extension of the hire period) must be made directly at the car hire office after collection of the hire car. When you return your car prematurely, no refunds or credits will be given. You will forfeit your car hire fee if you do not show up for your planned car hire pick-up or cancels within the specified reversal box before your planned pick-up period.

Riders must be at least 21 years of age when making the reservation. A daily charge for minors may be levied for 21-24 year olds at the moment of collection. Any tenant is obliged to present a proper motoring licence, a current debit and debit cards and a current motoring licence in the name of the tenant at the moment of rent.

The majority of car hire stations only accepts major international cardholders, and no cheque or bank transfer accepted (i.e. no non-credit or Visa - or MasterCard-logoed cards) or gifts or pre-paid calling-card and the cities accepting these methods of payments need a return journey receipt, e.g. an air fare or a journey confirm.

Taxation, government and shipping charges: U.S. FET - Fares for air fares within the 48 bordering states are inclusive of a 7.5% FET. Fares for flights between the 48 bordering countries and Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico also includes the U.S. Transportation Visas, which are charged on a different one.

An US transportation tax of $18.30 per capita and route is applied to trips between the United States and Puerto Rico. E-Carrier User Batch - The fares shown include an ETC fee of $13 per seat and per compartment, which is valid for all airlines purchased through the website or call-centre.

In order to prevent this fee, travellers can register on-line and take a complimentary print version of their complimentary travel card to the aircraft or use Allegiant's portable travel card. A full listing of Allegiant's elective features and charges can be found here. Allegiant advises you to arrive at the Aiport at least two (2) hour before the planned flight time.

Hold luggage will not be taken until four (4) hrs before take-off. All of them recommend that all travelers should be at the airports at least two (2) hrs before the planned take-off time. The check-in time is at least (1) hrs before your check-in time and at least 20 min before your check-in time.

It may be necessary to transfer air travelers to another place to accommodate one or more disabled air travelers, as prescribed by law on access to airlines and government regulation. Luggage charges do not include qualified belongings (e.g. a handbag, portfolio or laptop), car seats/strollers, transportation equipment and auxiliaries.

Luggage costs are non-refundable unless the luggage is mislaid or your travel route can be cancelled without penalties under any of the above exceptions. All Allegiant Travel will charge a hand luggage charge, but not for your own luggage. The Carrier retains the right to further limit the dimensions and number of hand luggage.

Mothers who fly without their infants can take breastmilk through the control point, provided this is explained before screenings. Many thanks for choosing a trip from Allegiant Trave.

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