Plane Tickets and car Rental Packages

Flight tickets and car rental packages

Search for a travel package that includes a flight and car rental. Renting a car is a popular way to travel in Florida, and it is possible to rent vehicles at a very reasonable price. Instantly search thousands of flight options. Look for the best car hire prices from economy to luxury. Will my credit card or personal car insurance cover the car rental insurance?

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FAQ - Holiday Packages Europe & UK | Guided Tours | Holiday Ratings

Our high-quality, prefabricated holiday packages take you to the world's top resorts! Will I need a visas or passports? If you are travelling outside the United States, you will need a current pass. Visas are subject to different regulations depending on the country you are travelling to. You will need to verify the expiry date on your card, as most jurisdictions request that your card be in force 6 month after the end of the trip and many jurisdictions need at least 3 empty pages.

Do I have to pay in full at the moment of book? Yes, full payments by Visa, MC, Discover are required to make your bookings, validate your hotels, provide domestic service and ticketing. You will be billed by Global Consolidated Service (GCS) and will appear on your statement as follows:

Do I get a reservation certificate? Yes, you will get an order confirmed by a 15 minute e-mail after the conclusion of the deal. Do I get my passport by post? Soon after you have completed and fully paid for your reservation, you will be sent a verification e-mail with a hyperlink to your journey data in our portal.

The majority of our trip documents/vouchers are available within approx. 5 working day after reservation. According to the parcel you book, however, some documentation may not be available until about 30 working nights before your departure. Finally, please note that your baggage is airless - you will NOT get a printed or eTicket.

You only need the airlines booking number on your route for check-in. Will I really need to have my trip papers printed? You will need coupons to collect your car (or a train ticket if you have reserved a train package), to register at hotels/castle hotels/B&Bs and to participate in any trips you have reserved in advance.

Where can I advertise a parcel via an on-line market? You will be asked to fill in your Gift Certificate number and value on the checkout page. Please note that the price offered on the on-line market place is dependent on availablility and may vary. Is it possible to travel from a different gateways than the one promoted through the on-line market place pack?

In the' LAEVING FROM' box, please specify the departure point of your selection and the required itinerary. Click on'Check availability' to see a schedule - click on your preferred date of journey and if the parcel is available on that date, your fare will appear. This is highly recommended as if there were a delay and you are travelling with a flight that is the airline's responsibility to take you to your ultimate destinations.

Furthermore, travelling with one single fare allows the same free bags for carriers and hold bags. When you decide to make an off-package booking to see the announced gate, you will be notified that the carrier is not liable to take you to your chosen location if your connection delays for any at all.

Failure to catch your connection will result in you being financially responsible for new tickets in accordance with the airline's policies. Is it possible to prolong my date of returning the parcel beyond the last date of the parcel and to stay alone? Yes, expanded clearance can be made over the telephone by one of our contact center representatives at the moment of reservation for a $75 per passenger surcharge.

Every modification after the reservation leads to exchange charges and an extra price differential. Is it really necessary to reprint my ticket(s)? You have no tickets on your flight, so no tickets will be sent to you. Tickets are sent to your carrier in electronic form and the verification number on your route is enough for check-in.

You can print out your tickets the previous morning on the airline's website or issue them at the airfield. All your voyage information (seats, e-ticket numbers, mealtimes, terminals, flight numbers and schedules, etc.) can also be viewed at - please have your reservation number handy.

Please note: Not all Aer Lingus tickets are on - you can call Aer Lingus at T: 1-888-474-7424 once you have your reservation number and choose your seat. Is it possible to reverse my journey after I have booked? Your holiday packages are non-refundable once they have been purchased, as we have safeguarded and prepaid your bookings and service.

You are strongly advised to purchase our travel insurance plan to safeguard your investments against unexpected events. In the event your trip is cancelled, please work with the carrier to be protected on the next available trip and please check with our offices with your current information. When you have acquired the travel insurance plan and need help or guidance, please call the One Call 24-hour hotline (see your phone number in your documentation).

If possible, we will allocate places when free seating allocations are available. As some airlines allow or do not allow the allocation of seating before check-in, the regulations differ from airlines. Seating is based on the conditions and availabilty of the respective Carriers and is subject to alteration without advance notification.

Is it possible to modify my seating allocation after I have booked? If you wish to modify your seating, you can use your reservation number ( "PNR") to get in touch with the company. The PNR number of your PNR is 6 digits and can be found next to your PNR information on your book. Seating is based on the conditions and availabilty of the respective Carriers and is subject to alteration without prior notification.

Is it possible to update my plane? Tariff updates should be applied for at reservation. When tickets are purchased, charges are made that differ by provider, as the guidelines differ by provider. Is it possible to order a specific food during the trip? Yes, you can ask the airlines for specific food.

Occasional mealtimes vary by airlines and routes and are therefore at the airlines option. Travellers are directly contact the airlines for miles entitlement and award. Adding frequent flyer numbers to an airlines reservation does not warrant entitlement, as this is at the exclusive option of each of them.

When should I be at the aiport? We recommend that you be at the airfield approximately 3 hrs before your scheduled take-off date (3. 5 hrs before your scheduled take-off date if you have a car to return), but it is your own risk to leave sufficient free space for check-in, luggage drop-off and safety.

Since luggage demands can differ, here you can find out more about luggage fees and registrations for your airline. However, remember that while the governments of certain countries do not need internally displaced people, certain car rental firms in those countries, such as Hertz, do. Minimal and maximal ages for car rental differ depending on your car rental agency and nation.

Rents under 25/70 and older may not be allowed in some jurisdictions - or additional charges may apply. Please ask for further information when making your reservation. How do I collect my rental car? All you need is the driver's name.

Will my car rental or my car protection be covered by my car rental policy? When waiving your policy, please note that in Ireland and some other jurisdictions you are liable for damages or losses up to the full value of the vehicle and it is then your own liability to process the refund directly with your debit or debit cards or your own private policy.

Do I need to take out car rental insurement? Booking the VIP Express car rental policy (aka Collision Damage Waiver) with your parcel to conserve 25% of the prices quoted. you will be charged for the full value of the car at the moment of collection and a min. down payment of 3,000 Euro (2,500UKL) when you collect your rental car.

When you purchase a parcel with a minor under 13, please call our Contact Center at 1-800-896-4600. Please be aware that young travellers under 18 years of age are escorted by an accompanying adults on the day of the journey and must stay in the same room during the entire journey.

Reductions for children on airline tickets are only offered if they are entitled and available. Please consult the hotels directly for early check-in. Are the packages suitable for people with wheel chairs and/or walking aids? Will I need a connector adaptor or an electrical convertor when I am travelling? Requirement varies by countries - useful information can be found here.

To enable calls, hire an external mobile or buy an unblocked telephone and SMS for use in another location, please consult your mobile operator. Once you have acquired the travel insurance cover through us, you will have the One Call Worldwide Travel Assistant 24/7. You will find a listing of their service and contacts in your document.

In your documents you will also find information on the names of the hotels/airlines/sellers with whom you have made your reservation, or you can call our After Hours Desktop at 800-896-4600 and hear requests to send a specific note.

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