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Price line hotels?? - Florence Forum Price line hotels?? If I look at the reservation on Priceline, I have the option between Downtown Toronto North or South;

Toronto East or West or Lakeshore. I am not acquainted with the areas of Toronto and wonder which areas should I select? Price line hotels?? You can find websites, such as the one below, that will help you determine the precise name of your property and where it is located for either price quotes or Hotwire reservations.

Price line hotels?? CityNorth would make ROM and Yorkville retail more available, while CitySouth would be nearer to the CN Tower, Eaton Centre and Queen West Shoppers. This area of the city is quite dense and very approachable by transits, so I wouldn't be sweating it too much if you think you're getting a lot.

Price line hotels?? Thanks... what I needed to know... so east and west are out? Price line hotels?? Places you cited in your initial contribution are not near Priceline's versions of East and West. Several of them (and this is where the better bid page could help) might be reachable by train, but you'd still be looking at long walks into town.

I' d stay in the city centre, and as I said, it' s easy to reach both sides by road and via through. PRICELINELINE HOTELS?? I' m on right now. Not the city centre to the northeast, southeast, southeast or west......just the city centre. PRICELINELINE HOTELS?? When you go to the "Name your own price" section, you will see it.

North and South are indicated on the chart as 4 and 5 (if this helps). West and East aren't in town. The West is an aerodrome and the East is Scarborough. PRICELINELINE HOTELS?? flyantNight, make sure that you see the section Name of your own name. When you want a centric position, North or South is the best choice.

PriceLine-Hotels?? thanks to mattinTO and jiec...I seldom go to Price line hotels?? HOTWIRLE uses either the East or West instead of the North or South for the TO. Price line hotels?? There' s no disorientation in the initial issue, because _Priceline_ has areas called "Toronto West" and "Toronto East", which - as I said above - are not close to the city centre.

Priceline's "Downtown Toronto North" and "Downtown Toronto South" are the key decisions.

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