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The Priceline is the ultimate bargain for travel agencies. Select hotels flights and car rentals that really meet your needs. Car rental Priceline in Europe. Is that a good notion? - Deal Travellers Forum

Car rental Priceline in Europe. Because I used site and everything stated in US dollars, I assume that there would be a problem that the primary health plan was not covered and I would be met at a dialysis charge when I got there. You say that the third parties are covered, but I assume that this does not include damages to the car.

Everyone had PL car rental expertise that can provide commentary. Car rental Priceline in Europe. G'day Ronaldo, I myself have not used it because I have always been sceptical about using a third party for car-hire. They have a stock of Auto Europe's own stock, which is at a pre-set price.

Based on this, I would perhaps be comparing the rates and rental terms with the major providers such as Hertz, Avis, Budget and Europcar. Car rental Priceline in Europe. I yep already got cheeked awards with all major as well as broker (using the award travel wring site) and they are all around the 130 Euromark, while PL was less than half that and you know the old saying if it looks too good to be true..... What are you saying?

Actually this is an underwriting issue as many US and Canadian lessee have coverage on their CC while in the EU this is not the case. Maybe you can find out from your colleagues how the insurances came about. Car rental Priceline in Europe. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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Clues to why I (almost) always book my flight via Priceline

A large part of my travels were carried out with low prices or even completely wrong tariffs. Whilst there are all sorts of resources to help us find these low-cost airfares - one of the ones I found most prolific is, but there are many others we will be covering at another point in the future - I always move to one place to make my flight bookings:

Priceline. Priceine has: If the term "Priceline" appears, most of us think of their highly promoted "opaque" offers, such as their "Your Own Price" (which they no longer do for air travel anyway, only hotels) or their expressed offers. They' re called'opaque' because you don't know exactly what you get until you've paid for them, they could easily be deducted from the normal fares, but I'm not looking for a small rebate - I find my offers much better on other pages anyway.

However, what many do not know about Priceline is that they are also a standard tourist agent who can reserve any standard retailer tariff (or hotels or car rental rates) that can be found on other pages. Usually I can find the same tariff on Expedia or Orbitz or even directly on the airline's website, but I chose Priceline because of the upsides.

By 2013, the US DOT required that all airlines established in the US or offering services to or from the US must either provide their clients with the option of holding a fare 24hrs before purchase or cancellation of a flight within 24hrs of purchase.

This is not applicable if the flight is bought within seven working nights of the trip, but most companies have not decided to do so. DOT only asked airline companies to pay for airline fares directly through them, but many large on-line tourist agents have set up their own 24-hour cancelation window to stay ahead of the competition.

However, the great thing about Priceline is that they not only provide a 24-hour cancellation: you can still choose to cancelling until 11:29 pm on the next working week. This means that if you buy a ticketing shortly after 12:00 a.m., you will have almost 48 hrs to get a full reimbursement.

Priceline heralds that she will be kept until the next workday. This means that if you buy a Friday at 12:01 pm (at Priceline it is always East European time), you can always apply for a cancelation until Monday at 11:29 pm East European Clock. This means you have almost 96hrs to check your plan and opt out for a full reimbursement.

In addition, Priceline's system does not implement the expulsion of trips within seven working nights. JetBlue's own website within seven working nights before your flight departs is not subject to the standard 24-hour cancellations policies - but if you use Priceline, you can still opt to have your tickets fully refunded until 11:29 pm the next working week, so this is a cute little loophole around JetBlue's limitation.

Priceline is the only airline that does not allow its generosity with regard to cancellation/refunds to apply to Frontier and Spirit. These companies have asked Priceline to comply with the DOT regulations much more stringently. When your trip is seven nights or more in the past, you have 23 hour 29 minute time to get a full reimbursement, and if you make your booking within 7 working nights of traveling with these companies, there is no reimbursement at all.

In many cases, the most important thing when using an airlines' tariff is that it is always possible for the airline to detect and retrieve it, usually within a few hour of going live, but sometimes even before that. I often take a route that I find and once it is safely reserved and settled, I look for something that works a little better or try to organise my trip to match up with my buddies who book the same rate.

It' even for my own trip to see my boyfriends and my extended home, it is great to have this additional safety cover that you can modify if you can find a better tariff or can't implement your holiday itineraries. What does $5 of every airline pass you buy sounds like? These" cash back portals" use the advantages of affiliates relations to inline-shops.

They are the same affiliates that your favourite live-hocking website or Mummy blogs uses when they direct their reader to their affiliates buying site, but instead of sending the cash back funds to an editor goin' on-line, the cash back websites give it (or some of them, anyway) to you. I' ve got several cash back gateways through which I spin according to who offers the best cash back for a particular trader (CashbackHolic is a good index of all options), but top cash back always has the best deal for air fare bookings via Priceline: a shallow $5 back.

This is the best choice you will find unless you have a $500 or more value seat (with one of the other cash back sites offering a cash back percentage). $5 is paid per seat, so if you travel on a four-passenger route, you get $20 back (because each individual gets their own seat, even if they travel together).

If you can travel as two one-way streets, you can redouble that to $40. It' s a few moments to register for an online CashBack membership (click here to get started), and once you have done so, all you have to do is go to TopCashBack's website, look for Priceline and then click on the big get cashback link, and they take you directly to Priceline, and everything you post (at least within a few hour until the track bookie expires) will be credited to your top CashBack membership.

Yes, Priceline is a huge enterprise (they are the world' s biggest tour operator). But when things get a little more complex, I found an outstanding, quick and professional online Twitter through Priceline's online marketing channel. During a new journey abroad, where I had some problems trying to make a slightly complex modification to a ticketing, I sent them a straight note on Twitter after retiring with their call centre (the call centre was useful, but he had difficulties finding out how to do what I need and the call fell thanks to poor Wi-Fi while I was awaiting him to find out).

I would have been submerged if I had made a direct booking with the carrier because they didn't know good English and I didn't know the national languages, so Priceline was saving me a $200 amount (on a ticket that I would otherwise have to discard ) by filling their Tweeters counter with skilled and responsive people.

With Priceline you can store your and others' information, such as airline information (such as your full name and date of birth) and optionally available options (such as a trimmed traveler number, if you have one, so you can take advantage of TSA PreCheck on your trip).

It is much easier to simply select your name and the name of your tour guide from the menus instead of having to enter everything on every booking. When you also make your reservations through Priceline, you only need to go to one place to get an overall view of everything you have made.

Simply visit My Travels on Priceline and everything will be there for you. I use Priceline as my point of contact for ticket bookings, but there are a few occasions when I use other reservation sites: Usually when I am flying JetBlue, I make a direct reservation on JetBlue. Bookings through a third-party tour operator earn only half as many TrueBlue points as direct bookings via JetBlue.

Several of the ultra-low-cost airlines (ULCCs) such as Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier may display lower rates on their own web pages, or provide discounts that only work on their own web pages. Southwest only shows their rates and availabilities on their own (badly designed) website (which makes it a nuisance to compare their rates).

But I haven't been flying southwest since I was 7 years old - not because I have a dilemma with it, but because they quite frankly never compete with other companies - not even with the big old operators - every single times I double-check. If a ticket does not appear on Priceline. If you are making a reservation for an error rate or a complex travel route, prices may not be correct on all pages.

Occasionally there are prizes on Priceline, but not on Orbitz. But sometimes neither CheapoAir nor Momondo or anything more arcane than that. It may not display directly on Priceline, but when you are accessing Priceline from a meta search page such as Kayak or Hipmunk or Google Flights.

There are many shades, but sometimes you just can't be too choosy and have to go with the ticket price. But, since everything else is the same, I still like Priceline. We find better prices than Priceline.

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