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How important are websites like Kayak & Expedia in setting air ticket prices? What does an OTA like Orbitz, Expedia, Hipmunk, Travelocity etc. do per booked flight ticket? Newly booked sightseeing flights*. travel & flight information | phone number & more contacts

Priceline Overview: was founded in 1998 and was based in Norwalk, Conn, with operations in New York, Winnipeg, Canada and Columbus, Ohio. It has a staff of over 500 people and says it made over $1 billion in customer savings in 2014. assists clients in finding and booking accommodation, air travel, rental cars and cruise ships. offers clients to over 370,000 properties in 170 different markets. This website has over 3.5 million customer-generated evaluations for properties and affiliates of all large brands. This website has assisted clients to purchase over 7 million airline tickets. also works with over 28,500 vehicle hire sites in 183 different markets and 24 shipping companies from 37 different harbours worldwide.

Introduction: Refund of a priceline-ticket

While Priceline does not promote this, they do provide a liberal air ticket cancelation policies that include travelling to, from or within the United States. These guidelines apply to normal airline tickets and not to "Name your own price" or "express deal" tickets for which you do not know the airline or the airfares' pre-sale time.

And, yes, these terms of termination apply even if there are no cancelations or reimbursements on the tickets. They have until 23:29 on the working days after the date of sale to return the tickets. So if you buy a Wednesday at 12:01 EST, you have until 23:29 EST on Thursday to void it.

When you buy a Friday 12:01 EST pass, you have until 23:29 EST on Monday to void it. That' more spacious than direct from the airline companies. For example, does not allow cancellation for tickets that have been reserved on These allow a free stop, although there are no free cancellation after your order.

They are also known to be able to cancelling tickets if they find that the fare for the tickets is too low. A number of international airlines do not provide reimbursements and request that the DTP be used for reimbursement. However, on Priceline you can get the reimbursement without any problems on-line. Here is how I did it with a $48.99 JetBlue CLE-FLL tickets I just bought:

Once purchased, your verification page may have a reversal feature. Find your e-mail confirmations and click on "Print itinerary" in your e-mail: Select any of the reasons and cancelling your ticket: Reversal confirmation: Please be aware that the 23:29 cancellations do not cover Frontier and Spirit services. You will need to call to void these tickets and the precise voiding period will differ, but it seems to be about 24 hrs from the moment of book.

Once booked, you can call to find out the precise date of cancelling Frontier and Spirit services. There may be a reservation charge if you have more than one airline on a single trip. You will not be reimbursed for this reservation charge when cancelling your reservation, but can be reimbursed if you are chatting or calling Priceline.

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