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Sekrets The Vine Cancun Resort & Spa - All Inclusive - Adults only. Priceline: Price list for all-inclusive-stay...


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Other Priceline Travel Tip - Try a cruise or an all-inclusive resort to get these holiday bucks (NASDAQ: PCLN)

July 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Consumers who want to let their holiday bucks go further this year should consider a trip or sojourn at an all-inclusive resort, according to (Nasdaq: PCLN). Both of these choices have long been value favourites among price-conscious travellers because they contain all the essentials of a holiday in one deal value.

Priceeline said it has currently available for as little as $47 a night, per capita, on the basis of dual use. Included in the fare is a cabin, free meals in the major restaurants, fun and most on-board activity. Crusade-liners have also reduced the costs of a trip by extending to 22 departures along the U.S. seaboard and have placed Millions of Americans within the simple cruising range of the jetty.

One of the best ways to book the right ocean trip is to attend Priceline motor homes at to view Priceline motor homes. com to view the motor homes, and then have a talk with a Priceline motor homes professional at 1-800-735-8000. "Various ocean liner services and even different types of cruising are attracting certain ages, single people, children's and retired families," said Tom Trotta, senior vice president, Vacation Packages and cruisers, Priceline.

He is a vet of the cruising- and all-inclusive-resort industry. "As the onboard fun and activity is aimed at these audiences, it's worth choosing a trip that you know you'll enjoy. The bottom line is a ferry that satisfies every traveller.

" The Priceline Croise clients can select from a wide variety of low-cost luxury ocean voyages that cover the Bahamas, the Carribean, the Canadian coast, Europe, Mexico, the South Pacific, South and Central America, Hawaii and Alaska. The duration of the trip can be 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11 or 12 over. Priceeline Travel clients can research their perfect trip according to several search criterions.

You can rummage through the best-deal trips on offer on that date. You can set a specific period and see all available trips and points of interest for that period. You can choose a sailing harbour or a sailing location and see all the available ferries. You can also choose your favourite line and see its offers and rates.

Clients can access customized vessel stats, decking charts, cab layout and description of the ship's pubic areas and rides for each line. Clients can see sailing-hours, routes, off-ship activites and tour proposals and cards of the tour for each trip. Below are some samples of priceline cruise on Priceline cruises www.pricelinecruiseoutlet.

Canada/New England from $549 per passenger on board Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Victory for 7 nights. From $189 per passenger on board Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Imagination for 4 nights or more. From $549 per passenger on board the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas for 7 nights in the East Caribbean. From $239 per passenger on board Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Elation for 5 nights of Baja Mexico Cruise.

If you are looking to take root and spend a long weekends or a whole week, all-inclusive hotels are another reasonably priced holiday option. All inclusive hotels usually charge per person per night for accommodation, meals, soft drinks, recreational and sporting facilities (including non-motorized watercrafts). "There are all-inclusive hotels in many different dimensions and for certain groups and occupations, like cruise holidays, so it is important to find out about the location before booking," says Trotta.

" While Trotta pointed out that there may be a cost differential between a luxury yacht and an all-inclusive destination, both are sound holiday value. "He said the cost of a special offer will be higher than a boat trip. "Accommodation, meals and entertainments are included in both of these. However, unlike a luxury yacht charter, an all-inclusive holiday will also cover air fares, drinks, gratuities and more activity.

These are both highly satisfied clients and help you with the management of your holiday funds. " currently offers particularly attractive all-inclusive offers. Buyers of a four to six overnight pack get $50 off per pack. From $100 to $150 off per bundle for clients booking seven days or more.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, you must book your parcels by July 31, 2008 and complete your trip by December 15, 2008. This is a sample of the all-inclusive offers. Click on the links to see all the detail of these parcels or the rates of other towns.

Sunspree Holiday Inn Montego Bay Holiday Inn Reserve. Including return flight from Miami and 4 overnight stays in a 3-star all-inclusive residence. Including return flight from Dallas and 4 overnight stays in a 3-star all-inclusive-restort. The Barcelo Bavaro Beach Estate. Including return flight from New York and 5 overnight stays in a 3-star all-inclusive residence.

Including return flight from Fort Lauderdale and 4 overnight stays in a three stars all-inclusive-rest. Including return flight from Los Angeles and 5 overnight stays in a three stars all-inclusive-rest. Including return flight from Kansas City and 5 overnight stays in a three stars all-inclusive residence. Including return flight from Chicago and 5 overnight stays at the 4. 5 stars all-inclusive residence.

Pricing and availabilities are always changing. The indicated rates are inclusive of all duties and charges. Incorporated (Nasdaq: PCLN) provides on-line tour operator support in 21 different language versions in over 60 European, North American, Asia, Middle East and African states. The price list includes, a premier global on-line booking agency,, a premier US on-line booking agency for price-conscious travellers, and, an on-line Asiatic booking agency. is convinced that is Europe's biggest and most rapidly expanding accommodation bookingservice, with a web site ecosystem. is active in over 60 different markets in 17 different language versions and provides its clients with direct links to over 45,000 competing properties around the world. in the USA provides more ways to reduce the cost of airfare, accommodation, car rentals, holiday deals and cruise fares than any other online itinerary.

As well as the great prizes released, recreational travellers can limit their quest using Priceline. com's TripFilter enhanced quest filtering technologies, customise their quest activities via Priceline. com's Inside Track feature, build packs to help you earn even more and take full benefit of Priceline. com's renowned name Your Own Pricel. com's Your Own Priceline-® Service, which can provide the cheapest pricepack. also runs the following tour websites: also has a private financial services offering mortgaging, funding and home ownership credit through an independant licence holder. licences its operating models to unrelated licencees, which include residential and certain non-residential real estate and certain interna -tionallicencees.

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