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There is no choice of flights, hotels, etc. I have successfully used Priceline many times to get hotels with incredible discounts - all with Priceline's "Name Your Own Price". You stopped bidding on flights a few years ago. As all those who try to get a better hotel at a better price, I used the feature "Name Your Own Price".

Your own price for flights still an afterthought?

A PRICELINE & HOTWIRE on one monitor! "for all your help. I' ll definitely use what you teach me to bid on the hotel market in the future" "This site rocks"! "Thank you for your help and a great forum." "I' m glad I found your site.""Thank you, this site is fantastic."

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Priceeline Expands Price Warranty to Name Your Own Price Flights

You can call it another fully booked in the on-line price protection guaranty-war. Pricelinee has extended its price protection to airfares and holiday parcels. With the Priceline Big Deal warranty, if customers bid for a plane fare, accommodation or rent a vehicle, or purchase a holiday pack for retailing and find a lower price for the same route on-line, then Priceline will equal the price, charge the customer $25 and also offer a $50 voucher for a holiday pack.

In order to receive their awards, U.S. customers can call a toll-free number and give information about the lower price. Price line claimed its warranty is more extensive than other on-line trip warranties because it is a currency "Bounty" - $ 25 - and not just a voucher, and also because the consumer can chase for a lower price right through the days before the trip.

Everyone used Priceline-Name Your own price for flights? - Circumscript: Runaway Bay Forum

Everyone used Priceline-Name Your own price for flights? 20.09.2010, 1:07 pm, as it works for a hotel, bid on all objects with your preferred "star rating" in a general geographical area. So, you know that you are getting "at least" the stars ratings you offer - for me any 4-stars is as good as any other 4-stars; cause I know they have a certain elementary standard of amenity and comforts at that level. What's more, I don't know what you're offering.

is the only ploy I know -- if you select the target you are looking for, they provide some areas in the immediate proximity of your particular selection. if you are bidding, select only ONE of these subsections each tim you submit a bid. because if the first bid is not taken up to bid again, you need to modify or amend something to the bid solicitation.

When you have marked "all" areas around with your first bid, you cannot go anywhere if you want to bid again. So, if you put in another section each bid, you have more chance to continue with it. As soon as all areas are used up, if your bid is still not answered, you sometimes have to include another asterisk as an alternative, so if you start with 5 stars, then include 4 stars and so on, you have much more chance to bid further.

They can also raise the bid amount each bidding by only a few US Dollar. umpteen case they person also built me up to the close actor altitude - so I person up in any of the most unreal, extraordinary cognition, for, kind 47 bill....I fitting emotion it. but you really person NO attraction on any medicine concept - origin you fitting never knowing what you end up with.

Usually I only do this on long weekend trips in the USA, or something similar, when I'm not looking for a "resort" holiday, and I don't really give a damn where I live as long as it's beautiful - and I just have so much pleasure in finding out which 4-star hotels I land in.

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