Priceline car Rental Bid

Preiceline car rental bid

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So who can take Name Your Prize car rental offers?

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Bid on Priceline Car Hire + 4 Pricelineiding Tips

Looking for ways to start saving on your next journey when you book a rental car? Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" car rental bid system can help you make savings when you rent a car. We will guide you through the rental car rental processes at Priceline and give you some hints for car rental.

What is Priceline for car rental? Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" system for rental vehicles allows you to choose a town or an airfield, the date and time of collection and return, and the vehicle group. Then you will receive a prize that you are willing to settle for your car.

When your rate is acceptable, Priceline will reserve your rental for you. Please be aware that in return for choosing your own rate (which will usually be lower than the rental prices published), you cannot choose the firm that hires the car to you. A number of sites for making bookings have similar limitations, such as the "Unpublished Rates" programme for hotel bookings on has a reservation system that works in the same way. In order to bid on Priceline car hire: Visit, and then click Autos. Select the Bid Now button to launch your rental car. Please specify your collection and return point, the date and time of collection and return, the vehicle category and the required fare. Please fill in your rider information, invoice information and your payment information.

Navigate to the "Cars" section on Priceline. Click Autos on the top left hand side of the page. Bid on a car rental. Go to the "Name Your Own Price" section and click on the button entitled "Start Your Rental Cars Bid Now". Just like when you book a rental car through Priceline, you must specify your collection and return point (may be a town or an airport), the date and time of collection and return, and the vehicle group.

Click in the field "Name Your Own Price" and fill in the amount you want to rent your car. Fill in your drivers information and invoice data. In order to fill in your bid, you must first provide your driving information (as indicated on your driving licence) and the invoice information (as indicated on your payment slip).

Click in the "Driver information" area in the corresponding fields and either fill in or select: Then click in the "Billing address" area in the corresponding fields and either fill in or select: Please fill in your payment information to make your car rental reservation. Next it is your turn to fill in your payment information.

Go to the "Enter your name" section, click in the appropriate fields and either fill in or select: You' ll also need to click on one of the icons below this information to decide whether you want to pay the car rental guarantee by either using a banker' s bank account or a direct debit account.

If you select "Debit Card", you must select whether you have a return ticket with an air carrier or rent one there. Verify and make your Priceline car rental offer. Click on the "Initial here" field in the "Important information" section below and enter your Initial.

Click Buy my rental car now to place your bid. When your fare is approved, your rental car will be reserved and you can have your booking information printed out (which is a good option as you will need it when checking in at the hotel). Priceline will inform you that your bid has not been approved if your bid is not acceptable.

New bids can be placed at the same rate (or at a different rate), but you must modify a setting in your reservation (e.g. pick-up/collection area, pick-up/collection deadlines or time, vehicle category preference, etc.). Make your own research on the rental car rental costs in the area you want to hire.

Although Priceline can give you a guide on the approximate rental car rental rate in the pick-up/drop-off area you choose, you can buy around you. Search for rental vehicles on Priceline (or other online reservation sites, such as Travelocity) by using your reservation criterias as if you were making a normal one.

Attempt to ensure that your bid for the car rental is not inappropriately low. Comparing to offering on priceline priced accommodation, you really want to go for a fair rate when you bid on car rental deals, as against going for the cheapest possible rate. The reason is that you will never be able to try your bid again immediately with the same set of bidder settings, but at a higher one.

When your prices are too low, you must modify one of your posting options if you want to bid again immediately. Otherwise, you must allow 24hrs and restart the operation. If you are using Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" system, you cannot simply modify or reverse your reservation if your plan changes.

Ensure that you have filled in all the right information before you place your bid. Attempt to be tolerant if you are awaiting the bid. If you try to make as few bids as possible, it may take a while for a car rental reservation to be accept.

When you can stand it, it will be rewarding in the end if you are able to get a lot for a car rental for yourney. This is our guideline for placing bids on your booking!

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