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Find jobs at Priceline Com offers new jobs every day. See all our vacancies now with daily new vacancies! Priceline Com offers new jobs every day.

Priceline has taken care of you if you want a job from home.

The charitable work of our staff is always looking for organisations and activities that need our help.

The charitable work of our staff is always looking for organisations and activities that need our help. We join organisations that change people's life, from packed lunch for needy kids to hiking for "Make-A-Wish". Over the last one and a half decades, the label has been developed by world-class creatives driven by analysts.

Continuing to deepen our understanding of what really motivates our customers, we are building our brands around these findings in a ground-breaking, sophisticated and rigorous way. Our brands strength affects all our sales channel and we have some of the best people in the business who create and optimize data-driven advertising in both the off-line and on-line world."

Our staff use their own information, technologies and creative energy every single workingday to develop cutting-edge tourism solutions for travelers around the globe. It' really inspiring to work in a place where you're not only qualified, but where you expect it to make a difference." Our uniqueness is a blend of worldwide coverage and complexities, leading to a rewarding, intellectual workspace.

It is easy to see this in the hotel teams, where the mean sales manager runs several hundred crucial suppliers.

Priceeline completes 75 work-from-home customer service jobs

Every time I think about Priceline, I think about this guy: Priceline, one of the biggest tourism agencies in the state, will recruit around 75 account managers by the end of the year. As an account manager, your task is to receive inbound phone conversations from Priceline clients. Chances are, you will back these peoples with changes to their accommodation or transport needs.

You have the possibility to acquire the rope during the certifying procedure. Are you a Priceline professional? First you want to see if you fulfil the initial qualification. Fill out this fast form via NexRep (this is the firm that hires for Priceline; they are awesome, we swear). You need two screens.

But, frankly, it's really great to have two screens. You need Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You must be able to do simple web research and be comfortable with Mac OS or Windows OS. They should have experiences in the field of client services. Professional expierience in the tourism or hotel and restaurant sector.

If you have some travelling experiences.... as in you are traveling at least once a year and have used an on-line site to research and make your bookings. NexRep is open seven nights a day a week from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST, and NexRep asks you to work at least 10 working weekends (five on Saturday and Sunday).

You have to work 25 workinghours a week. It' all on your agenda. You are welcome to work more as long as you plan on working within Priceline's opening times (13:00 to 1:00, seven nights a week).

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