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Movements in competition Priceline Group has entered into an agreement to take over the British and Danish site Momondo Group for $550 million in hardcopy. Priceline Group has formally completed the takeover, which has yet to be approved by the authorities, but the Momondo Group with its Momondo and Cheapflights meta-search marks will be integrated into Kayak. Expanded kayak will probably define, on a national basis, which will be the top brand among the three in certain regions. Priceline Group's $550 million transaction value, at which it buys all shares in the Momondo Group, is not very high in comparison to Priceline's $2.6 billion takeover of OpenTable in 2014 - but it is the biggest of the group since then.

According to Hafner, one of the first orders will be to bring Kayak, Momondo and Cheapflights on a joint back-end technological plateau. Says that there is an aptitude among trademarks that the three markets themselves are playing, although there are differences. As the Momondo Group is not very active in the hotel sector, it will not contribute much to supporting Kayak in competing with the recently founded Trivago in the USA or Europe.

It is a transaction because of the Momondo brand's and the audience's strengths and not because of specific technical or technical skills. Kayak, a company located in the USA and growing on an international, but only profitably base, is powerful in France, Spain and partly also in Germany with its trademark Sunwoodoo.

However, kayaking has been fighting in the UK for years and has little to do in the Nordic countries; Momondo and Cheapflights will help in the UK, the Nordic countries and Russia. In 2014, Great Hill Partners, a Boston-based privately-held equities group, acquired a controlling interest in the Momondo Group with an initial $130 million invested and a valuation of $210 million.

We calculate on the basis of the Momondo Group's net sales estimate of 102 million US dollars in 2016 and a forecast increase of 30 to 40 per cent for 2017. Momondo's latest advertising ad campaigns "The DNS Journey" (see below) drew 200 million viewers and a range of 400 million in advertising.

This is the first transaction for Glenn Fogel as Priceline Group Chief Executive Officer. We are acquiring the company because our competitors have made their move. Ctrip of China purchased the Flight-Metasearch Skyscanner in November; Expedias Hotel-Metasearch website Trivago went public in December; Google continues its air and hospitality search functions; and Airbnb has its ambitions to begin the sale of flights.

Momondo Group has two trademarks, Momondo and Cheapflights. There are two different types. Some years ago Cheflights, which switched from dealing to meta-search pricing, is present in 20 countries and Momondo affects 35 of them. However, the main advantage of kayak is that it would help Kayak on Skyscanner's home base in the UK and Momondo is the meta-search guide in the Nordic countries.

The addition of the Momondo Group would give Kayak extra size in Europe and a good trademark in the shape of Momondo, an important fact when you consider that Google's preference for its own flights and hotels makes it all the more difficult to perform structured searches or SEO. The Momondo Group declared at the beginning of the year that around 40 per cent of the transport is handled directly.

It is also a preventive step to prevent a competitor from acquiring Momondo Grouo instead. This is the DNA trip of the Momondo group:

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