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So here are some thoughts on if Priceline Hotels it's a good choice. Preiceline just threw away the features that made it so popular. has become known for two things: Campy-advertisements with William Shatner and auction-like bids for flight. Priceline's tendering tools, which allow clients to suggest their own fares, have also been removed.

It has tacitly abolished its name-your-own-price solution and says it would instead concentrate on set-price fares that are simpler and quicker to charge.

As Priceline launched the "Name - Your Own Air Ticket" function in the late-90', it was such a huge achievement that the firm tried to copy the on-line bidding scheme to other areas such as mortgage, new automobiles and food. This effort was abandoned one year later, allowing the business to concentrate again on travelling.

"Priceline Negotiator" Shatner has been featured in a dozen advertisements praising the virtue of name-your-fare-booking. However, as the sector was changing, fewer accepted bids and opted for simple flight and accommodation reservations. Over the past few years, Priceline has tried to lead clients to their express deals, which provide so-called blank reservations at a concession.

He tried to get this point that Priceline is not just about auction-like rates by slaying Shatner's nature in 2012. Removal of the name Your Own Price is another way to draw people's attention to Priceline's newer models, especially as more and more clients are booking airfares, hotels and car rentals on their smart phones.

Over the past few years, the flood of air carrier fusions has also made the auction-like instrument less practicable. With the disappearance of US Airways and Northwest Airways, there were fewer seating and fewer incentives for companies to take advantage of discounts. Priceline, which was established in 1997 at the height of the dotcom era, was one of the first on-line tourist pages to provide discount booking at the click of a button.

Today is the biggest booking site in the game. Priceline Group has grown strongly in recent years with the purchase of websites such as Kayak and In the last year, Priceline had 55.5 billion dollars in total sales and 9.22 billion dollars in sales, more than twice as much as in 2011.

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