Priceline Choose your own Price Flight

Choose your own price flight

Offer on cheap flights with Priceline. State your own price The Priceline online traveller locator provides two ways to reduce your travelling time. The" Best Price Guarantee" stipulates that Priceline will return the balance - and provide a $50 voucher for the next journey - if a client finds the same route within 24 hrs of making the reservation at a lower price.

The" Name Your Own Price" function is even more economical for clients with unrestricted timetables. When the time of the flight does not play a role and you are prepared to travel with a large carrier, spend the night and hire from one of the five leading US hire cars firms, you should consider the "Name Your Own Price" function.

Go to a web page and go to the Priceline website. Go to the field "Name Your Own Price" and click on "Bid Now" under Flight, Accommodation or Coaches. Specify departures and arrivals ports, trip data and number of people to be booked, town, trip data and number of rooms to be booked for a property or pick-up/return town, or airfield, vehicle category and trip data for a vehicle hire.

In the text field "Name Your Own Price" place a tender and fill in the passengers' data for the flight. Select a neighbourhood and hotel stars and then place your offer. In the case of a rental vehicle, check the vehicle model, collection and return points and fill in the flight and chauffeur information before auctions.

Cancel or refuse your trip policy. Type your credentials to confirm that you have reviewed, approved and approved the terms and guidelines contained therein. Please fill in your invoice information and your name. Your offer cannot be upheld. In the event that a bids is not received, you can modify your bids or try again within 24h.

In order to have an impression of what to offer, one should consider that the typical cost reductions at a property are 50 per cent higher than those of the competition and 40 per cent for car rentals, says Priceline. The majority of internal flight operations take place between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and foreign flight operations start at any given moment on the chosen date.

Nonstop services are searched, but there may be up to one flight per route.

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