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Things to expect when booking a Priceline cruise + Savings + Precautions. Priceline Cruises' top coupon today: Booking your cruise holiday with Priceline Cruises. RELOCATION AND STORAGE PRICE LIST INCL. Assistance with Priceline, Holland America Line.

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UP TO $1,000 FREE FOR YOUR TRIP + NO SECURITY PAYMENT! Booking your 2018 or 2019 cruising holiday with Priceline Cruises and take full benefit of this special intro! Booking now and get the greatest deals along with special deals on the boat, only with Priceline Cruises! on departures from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral and more!

Receive privileged admission to our promotional campaigns and deals.

No cruising through the price list: Cruises

Normally we directly over the line but in the past we have found a beautiful one on the price list and through this. But when they made the reservation, they said you had to fill out a poll to get it. Well, was spending the additional amount of work and completing the questionnaire.

And then they said that the funds will appear in your bankroll. Totally no loan ever showed up. Then to round it all off, they bill you and an additional $25 to make a booking through their website, and some of the cruise line functions are not available if you do not make a booking through the line.

Probably it's written here somewhere, but obviously I didn't see it or just would' have posted it on the line. It was a big rip-off for me, and they were lying to me when they gave me a loan on board. I would never again make a reservation through her and suggest avoiding her at all cost when making the reservation.

I would also stay away from them when making bookings. On a Priceline trip I rebooked a while, paying $200 for the better trip, and then at the last moment they altered my trip to the Grand Duchy, which I could have gotten for $200 less expensive and did not reimburse the difference. What was the price?

Simply eliminate them and spare yourself the headache.

Reserve a price cruise and get $500 cash back; book now and get free upgrades, spa treatments, shore excursions and more; get a free 1-night Marriott Stays for book a 7-night cruise with a balcony stateroom

NORWALK, Conn. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 2006--It's priceline. com's (Nasdaq: PCLN) Just get on with the celebration and all the extra stuff. Purchase a Priceline River Cruise between now and February 22, 2006 and, subject to the Cruise you enter, you can qualify for a boat load of good things, inclusively free stateroom upgrade, free spas treatments, free waterfront tours, onboard vouchers of up to $400 and more.

Priceline Cruises offers two extra bonus offers during this temporary event. If you buy a cabin with a balconies or higher on a 7-day or longer trip on board a tour line, you will get a coupon for a free 1-week-end break at a Marriott Hotels taking part. Priceline Cruises also offers cashback rewards of $25-$50 for 3-5 nights cruises, $100-$150 for 6-9 nights cruises, $200-$300 for 10-13 nights cruises and $300-$500 for 14+ nights cruises.

Clients must buy ocean view, balconies or suites cabins to be eligible for our pre-paid bonus. Please see and check out Priceline Cruises for all the detail, conditions and limitations related to the Club Bonus Celebration Actions. To make a reservation, please go to or call 1-800-735-8000 to talk to a Priceline cruising advisor. affiliate shipping companies offer the following discounts to clients who make their cruises by February 22, 2006*:

Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Whoa! Costa Cruises. Cosmopolitan cruises. Anything up to $200 on board, plus up to $400. Carnival Cruise Lines. Until $200 discount, plus up to $300 on board. Norwegian Cruise Line. Fifty dollars board loan. Inquire about the free $300 passbook. Disney Cruise Line.

Princess Cruises. To $200 on board. MSC Cruises. To $100 on board. OceanĂ­a Cruises. To $100 on board. To $200 on board. I' m here to see you. To $200 on board. Wind Star Cruises. Up to $300 in-flight credit or free updates.

Orientines. To $200 on board. Silversa Cruises. To $250 on board. Cashback, spas or free land excursions are only available for new single reservations by phone at 1-800-735-8000 until 22.02.06. Applicable only on selected cabin routes for selected cabin types, vessels and departures.

Saving is not included in the price quoted and will be added to the customer's payment order 4 to 6 week after the end of the trip. Booking an Oceanview cabin class and receive $25 cashback on selected 3-5 nights departures, $100 cashback on selected 6-9 nights departures, $200 cashback on selected 10-13 nights departures or $300 cashback on selected 14+ nights departures.

Reserve a cabin or apartment on the terrace and receive $50 cashback on selected 3-5 nights departures, $150 cashback on selected 6-9 nights departures, $300 cashback on selected 10-13 nights departures or $500 cashback on selected 14+ nights departures. The refund amount is per cabin, per reservation. The cure can not be cashed in and is not transferrable; non-used treatments are forfeited on the last date of the trip.

Land Trips are available only for sea views or higher cabin classes on selected vessels and departures from Royale Caribbean Internacional; up to two people per cabin can get a free land trip. Cashback, treatments or free land excursions are dependent on availabilty and are subject to change or withdrawal at any moment without prior notification.

The Priceline cruises offer a wide variety of cruises at competitive rates, including the Bahamas, the Carribean, the Canadian coast, Europe, Mexico, the South Pacific, South and Central America, Hawaii and Alaska. The duration of the trip can be 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11 or 12 over. Priceeline Travel clients can research their perfect trip according to several search criterions.

You can rummage through the best-deal cruises on offer that particular date. You can set a specific period and see all available cruises and locations for that period. You can choose a sailing harbour or a sailing location and see all the cruises on offer. You can also choose your favourite line and see its offers and rates.

Clients can access customized vessel stats, decking charts, cab layout and description of the ship's pubic areas and rides for each line. Clients can see sailing-hours, routes, off-ship activites and tour proposals and cards of the tour for each trip. If a client is willing to make a Priceline booking, they can either make most cruises directly on-line or call 1-800-735-8000 to talk to a Priceline Cruise Advisor. is the premier holiday destination for budget travellers. There is no other cruise offer that offers more ways for clients to reduce the cost of their airfare, hotels, car rentals, holiday deals and cruises. As well as the best advertised rates, recreational travellers can limit their searching using Priceline. com's TripFilter enhanced searching technologies, build kits to help you earn even more and take full benefit of's renowned Your Own Pricing® services, which offer the cheapest pricepay. runs one of the fastestgrowing hotels in Europe through,, Bookings. net and also has a private financial facility offering mortgaging, funding and home ownership credit through an independant notary. licences its operating models to unrelated licencees, which include residential and certain non-residential real estate and certain interna -tionallicencees.

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