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You can download the Priceline Mobile App to get daily access to mobile hotel, flight and car rental offers. What is the best timeframe to book a hotel in the Priceline Express deal? What is the best timeframe to make a Priceline Express Deal booking? These are the recurring issues many travellers and deal hunters have been asking themselves in recent years. Because all express offers are retail sales without refunds or changes, it is difficult to determine when to make a booking.

If you make your booking too early, you run the danger of being bound to a higher rate. Booking too late, you can change the location of less selection and higher rate. There is no clear response to this issue, but there are some general guidelines and advice you can take to make a booking at a specific point in the year.

Not only will you know the name of the town you want to go to, you will want to know what kind of area the resort is in. As you can see, you are now charging $236 for a four-star resort at the most costly location in the US using the Express Deal.

You' re gonna have to pay the weekend fee. Same room now costs $70 less. Given a week-long journey to New York, just to stay in the right place at the right place at the right timeframe, you could be saving yourself several hundred bucks in comparison to the right place. How does this affect your booking times?

It will be suggested to make an early booking if you need to remain in a busy area in high seasons (Wall Street on a working day). However, if you can remain in a less popular area, please allow until the last weeks/days. What kind of seasons? Do we have low or high seasons?

As an example, visit Orlando Florida in winters, the high peak seasons is usually around public holiday in winters when there is a scholastic recess. During the low seasons end of January/beginning of February. There are two rates for the same Express Deal property. We suggest you make your reservation early if you have to remain in high seasons.

However, you should stay until the last week/days if you are planning to attend in low seasons. You' re probably able to see all the choices you can select on the Express Deal Find page. It works well if you have a particular need in terms of your hotel's position, evaluation or standard.

However, your choice becomes smaller and smaller as your rooms run out of space. If you are choosy about where to sleep and the comforts of the hotels, it is advisable to make an early booking. In case the availablility is high and the price indicates a high offer and a low request, I would be waiting until the last few week to make the booking.

In case the availablility is low, I would login and review the prices in the next few week and reserve the accommodation at least one months before the date of my trip.

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