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Car rental Priceline Express

If we are not there, which means we have to use the magic express bus, we have to rent a car when we arrive at the MCO. Best 10 Ratings from Priceline Car Rental TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I am posting to tell others what was happening to me when I rented a car with Avis Car Rental at Tampa Airport through After arriving in Tampa we collected our rental car (SUPPORTED to be a full-fledged car). But the landlord insisted that we should buy an update, otherwise we would have no other option than to take a smaller car.

Usually I phoned Priceline to make a complaint, and they told me that they would inquire, but couldn't do this until our rental period was over. 2 or 3 workdays later we returned this scrap (a hurricane stopped us from coming back earlier). That was good, we were satisfied, although we saw our AVIS debit from our AVIS banking for $200 US the next morning.

Then I phoned AVIS, the "MANAGER" said it was a bail that would be reimbursed on returning the car. On our way back to Canada, I was waiting a few nights to see the comeback to our bank accounts, and nothing came. and they said it could take up to five workdays.

They said that there was no recording of them having any deposit. Well, I was waiting 6 dailies, then calling, and they said there was no recording of them having any deposits. The following weeks I was dealing with Avis by telephone and e-mail about 15 TIMES, each with a different history, NEVER having the prerogative to talk to a manager and always another exp.

Until today I have sent them statements of account, and I even phoned the MIT with them. It' gonna take 14 working nights. Somebody from Central Settlement will get in touch with you." I' ve asked for help and they said they had nothing to do with it.

Not recommended to book with because of missing client and I certainly wouldn't suggest AVIS. If anyone from Priceline or Avis wants to get in touch with me about this posting, I will only talk to senior managers at this point. Obviously, the employees of both companies are not authorized to do anything and do not assume any responsibility for the group.

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