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Book this accommodation for $35 per room -- Great Stay!!!! - Reviews of the extended stay Pensacola-NAS, Pensacola, FL

After I had phoned twice to validate a non-smoking room, we got a smoker's room when we were there. So I went out and looked around for 2 hrs on line and phoned every Pensacola property and they were all reserved for the July 4 week. Berths had recesses, the bathrooms had spider webs in the edges, the tables had a tacky layer on them, the sheet was yellow, the carpets were spotty, the whole room was soiled.

I was crying so badly and my man felt sick and we went out to buy a Walmart to buy cleaned sheet, mattresses, towels and detergent (the only one that was open at 11:00 pm). We' ve cleaned the whole room with bleaching agent and lysol. By 2:30 a.m. the motel was vacated and we were outside for about half an hours, the fire brigade came and I never saw a hotelperson.

It' an old place, and I don't think it's ever been upgraded.

Consider it before you book with Priceline - Review of Extended Stay America - San Jose - Mountain View, Mountain View, CA

I' ve posted this via Priceline for 2/20 to 2/24. I was very careful with the details and I was on my way to giving this inexpensive property a five-star award. I asked for a lunch box office (normal box office is 11 am) and received this plea. Bed linen was replaced, toilet paper was taken off (maybe I could have asked the reception for more toilet paper, but I didn't - no shower).

I took the cables to my iPod and mobile phone - which I had placed on the bar - out of the room (they were at the reception). A little bit of small cash I had kept on the bar had been picked up (I would have given a tip to the servant - probably more than what was taken - but I certainly did not appreciate the fact that the cash was taken in front of my cash register!

I was really annoyed not only that they had ignored my inquiry for another lesson, but also that they had taken my things before the *normal* check out were. Additionally, when I asked for a zero acknowledgment, I was asked to get one from Priceline. When I get a delayed check out charge, I will have a seizure!

Hello, I appreciate you taking the opportunity to give us your opinion. It is a real pity that you described the delay in payment you were allotted. Your feed-back will enable us to keep working to offer all our visitors an extraordinary stay.

We would be pleased if you would continue to stay with us in the near term to show you our steps to improve your experiences with us.

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