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Bids for the days of travel have not yet expired. So, I just noticed that PRICELINE now lets you bid on one-way flights! Making the Priceline name your own pricing tools These words âName your own priceâ will make every traveller listen up, which is exactly what Priceline hopes. Priceline has been promoting to its customers for years that they can actually choose the fare they want to offer for a particular seating or room when they book a flight or accommodation.

Explaining the approach as a straightforward bidding procedure, the real bidding procedure is a little more complex and involves some expertise to help the user get the most out of the tools. Rather than jump directly into a new bidding procedure and hope for the best, the user should know how the system really works.

What is the Name Your Own Prize utility? Here is a general introduction to how the utility works: people can login to their priceline accounts and suggest a fare for a flight or accommodation in a specific area. Visitors should know that these reservations are what is called âopaqueâ, which means that there is no way for the purchaser to know the seller of the accommodation or flight, and if they are bidding on a flight tickets, they will not receive the dates in advance.

Once the offer has been approved, the user's bank account will be debited immediately and the information of the carrier or accommodation he has won will be communicated to him. Of course, this utility should not be used by people with fixed schedules and appointments.

We have decided to detail the individual procedures since it is different to book a flight with the Name Your Own Rate utility. It can be difficult to bid on an obscure reservations when it comes to making a room reservations, but for those who know how to do it, the reductions can actually be good - the additional research.

If you place a tender on Priceline using the Name Your Own Prize utility, the site will display the chosen town and divide it into areas. The user can choose the most comfortable area for him, specify the stars he wants for his property and then proceed to bidding.

As soon as they have placed a tender that is approved, they will be informed and their debit cards will be debited in advance. Once the traveller has been billed and the requested accommodation has been provided, the reservation is non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

If your offer is not approved, Priceline will propose a higher offer. The user can either follow the proposed rate or go through the whole procedure again a few hour later at the same rate. Bidding on an non-transparent flight reservation is somewhat simpler for most travellers, as the probability that the provider is not suitable is lower.

As the flight you are bidding on is only announced after you have won, this kind of reservation demands a high degree of flexibilty. Often the airfares provided by the Name Your Own Prize utility are airfares departing at infamous hours of the morning or evening.

The best use by far of this feature in relation to airfare is for last minutes, as rates are almost always higher and very costly when booked as is custom. If you would rather take the opportunity to get a better prize than paying the excessive rates in advance, you should give the Name Your Own Prize utility a try.

One good general principle is to offer at a cost that is 20% lower than the cost you have to purchase a last-minute pass through the regular ticketing procedure. Pricelineâs name Your Own Pricing is certainly a little fiddly, but the answer is to know exactly how the bidding procedure works and whether you are a sensible candidate for such a function.

So the more flexible you can make your route, the more likely you will succeed in bidding on Priceline. Please check out our reports to find out more about Priceline and other top brands on the reservation pages.

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