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We immediately show you an easy to compare product and price table from the thousands of flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises available on Priceline. I' ve booked a trip to Miami by plane, hotel and car. App saves you time and money on hotels, flights and car rentals.

Roll the dice: Bid for the best fares

Price line is aimed at this type of fussy traveler, as the site provides low prices on such cruise functions as accommodation, airfare and car rental, especially for those with variable itineraries. F: What does it mean to bid on Priceline? and a rent-a-car with Priceline, you can find out how much you want to pay for such a service.

On the website you can then enter your prize or place a tender on the basis of your holiday location and your trip details. There is no warranty that your offer will be approved, nor does your offer contain any tax or third parties' charges, such as hotel car parks or car-insurances. and car reservations only.

To book a hotel, first select the town, the neighbourhood and the hotel grade of your choice. The Priceline shows you the prices for your desired area and time. Check these tariffs, decide how much you want to compare, place an important order and place your offer. Please note, however, that there is no warranty that a particular hotel or car will be available.

When your offer is approved, Priceline will offer you the price that comes nearest to your offer and will charge your debit cards immediately. You will get a verification e-mail with information such as the name of your hotel or car rental. Priceeline selects from a range of chains and independant properties and large car rental companies.

F: What are the other posting to Priceline modes? PRICORELINE offers conventional flight, car rental and hotel bookings. Simply fill in the details and location of your itinerary and you will get a price table with the full name of the various airline companies, car hire companies and hotel providers that are eligible for your offer.

To get even more discounts on hotel reservations, use the Express Merchant options, where you can see the hotel's pricing, ratings, general locations and facilities but the name remains hidden until you do. F: What are Priceline's cancellation and pricing guidelines? and not interchangeable if you use Priceline's Name Your Own PriceĀ or Express Merchantservice.

Cancellations can be made or refunds made for reservations made using the regular booking procedure, according to the guidelines of the airlines, hotels or car rental companies. Priceline's prices are quaranteed, so if you find a lower fare for the same route, you are entitled to a full reimbursement of the balance; Express deal reservations will be doubled.

First of all, try not to place a bid that is far below normal. When your first quote is declined and your schedules are variable, try to change the desired neighbourhood, date, hotel review or vehicle group. Prices may go down as the date gets closer, so try again.

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