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I' ve booked a car rental through Priceline and went the next day to cancel it. Do not pay until you pick up your rental car! Use of NOTICE: This page is for information only and is intended to respond to readers' inquiries on

Before you use, make sure you know what you are doing and agree. is an on-line reservation system that allows you to specify your own prices® for air, hotel and car-hire. offers you an opportunity to easily discount up to 50% on the direct reservation of your hotel: First choose an area (or area, as Priceline puts it) you want to remain in, and then a grade of service that will please you. Choose your data, then state your prize!

And lastly, you are waiting on to see if your offer has been approved by a property that meets your spec. So, before you get your plastic, go ahead. It' quite easy if you do your home work first (that can't be emphasized enough) and can be quite local.

Now you can begin to save your hard-earned hotel wallet - and you'll like Priceline. This means you know what areas are in a priceline zone before you place a bet. Their notion of "Walt Disney World Vicinity" can be very different from that of Priceline. Some years ago, the WDW Zone was made up of the Downtown Disney Hotel and only those in the Lake Buena Vista area.

The WDW zone now encompasses the Hwy. 192 (also known as Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway), which causes more travel and inconvenience. Buena Vista rather than out on Hwy. 192, half way to the Wal-mart Super Center, but those hotels out this way are now trapped in the Disney Zone.

Newer WDW zone also encompasses I-4 down to County Road 532 (Osceola Pike Line Road). Take Junction 67 to Downtown Disney, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. The Priceline provides a map of the different Orlando areas so that you can make good use of them. Orlando bidder areas are Disney World Vicinity, Downtown Orlando, Kissimmee, Maitland - Altamonte Springs, Orlando Airport (MCO), Orlando East, Sandlake Corporate Park, Universal Studios - Sea World, West Disney Area, Winter Garden and Winter Park.

With Priceline you are not just betting on a property. Priceline is not for you if you only want Gaylord Palms or the Walt Disney World Swan (yes, it happens now and then) or the Comfort Inn in Lake Buena Vista. The next part of your work is to find out exactly what kind of standard of quality makes you feel good.

Recollect, you are on holiday to have good times, not to be miserable in an inferior motel that you spared a few dollars on. There are 1 Star Economy, 2 Star Moderates (not to be mistaken for Disney's high standard moderately priced hotels), 2 Star Moderates Plus, 3 Star Upscale, 4 Star Deluxe and the Resort Level.

Since you know where, when and in what grade, it is the right moment to make your quote or bids. First, you need to know how much the hotel is in the desired region and group. It is very simple to do with all the web travel site that is currently available (although I have been reading alerts that you should not use Expedia or in your research as they already essentially are offering discounted rooms).

Calculate an avarage rate and begin your offer with 40%-60% less than the averages. If you have more free space before your holiday appointments, the lower I would be. Before you place your offer, Priceline has a special page that displays everything you have submitted, and the entire amount will be debited to your account if your offer is approved.

Priceeline will send you an e-mail whether you are winning or losing. Winning will immediately charge your cardholder the room rate, plus $5.95 in additional charges and duties. You' ll know the VAT and charges on the booking verification page before you place a tender.

When your offer is approved, you will receive your hotelinformation. At this point, please try printing your verification page. As with any booking, always check in at the guesthouse a few nights before your stay and take the booking form with you and have fun. By changing anything other than the rate, such as deadlines, areas or grades, you can immediately or as soon as you find your way around, take a break and make your own free rebids to increase your offer without having to wait 24hrs, but these are basing on past properties and rates posted by other people and involve a certain amount of venture.

For example: I know that there has never been a "Resort Level Hotel" in the Kissimmee zone before. When I was declined for a WDW Zone "Resort Level", I could place a Kissimmee Zone to my offer and increase the prize. Can I end up in a Resort Level Hotel in the Kissimmee Zone?

Yes, because prices are constantly adding new properties and changing areas, but from a historical point of view my odds of landing in Kissimmee are quite low. Some sites have priceline visitors reporting on the results of their bids, which I find inestimable. Have I mentioned that Priceline is a little smooth in her effort to get you to increase your offer?

You give excessive mean rates for the properties and always tell them that your offer is too low and probably not upheld. That'?s Priceline trying to make more cash. Keep in mind, the resort determines the prize they agree to, anything above this amount is the gain of Priceline. If your offer does not match the lowest that Priceline has placed in a particular auction group, you will not be able to place your offer.

So, if you're bidding $20 a day for a place to stay, you're spending your money. After the surcharge, no further reimbursements or changes are possible. If your lodgings have a hotel/resort charge for car parks, vaults, etc. Once you get to your destination, it will usually be picked up, so remember that when you decide how much you want to offer.

You may have heared about Priceline "bonus money". From time to time, Priceline will send certain people an e-mail offering containing bonus funds that you can include in your bids. So for example, if you get a $10 one-time bonus cash quote and you want to place $50 for a property, you would actually only be bidding $40 and Priceline would be adding $10.

Bonus money was very free in the past if you requested a Discover Cards, registered for a long range call or, my favourite, used your American Express Cards to make your bids. Had no AmEx account, but someone (not me) found out that if you open an American Express debit account, you can use the bonus money over and over again until the action expires.

Disney World Vicinity Hotels that have agreed to bookings in the past: Rental cars are offered in the same way as air travel and accommodation, by venue and vehicle group. Make sure to visit the main car rental company websites where you can find their online promotions and last minutes deal.

At, the first thing to do is fill in your town, the data, the pickup and return time and the vehicle you want to place a bet on. Priceeline uses the following 5 large car rental firms, Hertz, Avis, National, Alamo or Budget Car Rental. From Orlando International Airport or an area called Downtown Disney, which according to the card is just outside Downtown Disney.

Instead, it should be referred to as the Lake Buena Vista Zone. Next, you will be asked for your flight information, which is an option, and the name and ages of the rider at the moment of pickup. Drivers must collect the rental car. Drivers must present a current driver's licence and a current debit or debit-card on the vehicle, with a minimal of $100 available as a guarantee for the same.

Except for New York, you must be 21 years old at the moment of pickup. When you are between 21 and 24 years old, you will be billed a "Young Renter Fee" per person per workday. Usually these charges begin at $20 per diem and can be up to $50 per diem for places with high costs or more desired vehicle models.

A rental car, for example, which normally comes at $30 a rental per night, could be at least $50 a rental per night for a minor carer. At you should take these extra charges into account in your quote pricing. When your enquiry is received, you will not be billed any extra charges at the rental station.

Attention: All riders must present a current driver's licence to collect a car and the ages of each rider will be checked at the rental desk. In the event of the driver's correct tender ages being entered during the bidding procedure, the minor will be charged a fee at the rental station.

Rent a car is a 24-hour period. Like with any car rental, if you collect the car at 10 a.m. and drop it off at 2 p.m. 4 nights later, a fifth car rental fee will be paid. You do this when bidding on If you use "Name Your Own Price®" and do not hand the vehicle back in due course, the additional charge of your cardholder's name will be added to the full racks fare or even lower, as you have not met the conditions arranged with Priceline. com, the whole booking can be invoiced at the full racks fare.

âThis happening to me with a Hertz rental; I was flying to Wisconsin to visit a few Days relative and then was planning impulse back to Orlando for a few days with a boyfriend. As I left the car at the airfield, my $60, 3 working hours rental became a $400 Priceline. com rental!!!!!!

Then after an hours I talked to someone with good judgment and they consented to keep my papers until 12:01 that evening and start scanning the car at that moment. This was great until two month later, my cardholder' s account was debited for a car park that was 6 hrs after I left the car and 20 mile from the airfield.

when I challenged the charges. It' not wise to offer for a car rental too far in advance, because unless you travel to an extreme bustling season of the year like Christmas at Disney, car rental rates usually begin high and then go down as the times go by.

There is no point in being included in a high non-refundable instalment as rates fall one months before your journey. When your offer is not received, you must allow 24 hrs until the same is made. When your offer is approved, please make a printout of your order acknowledgement form to be presented to the car rental agency at pickup and always call to validate your booking a few nights before pickup.

When you think natural Gas costs are high now, you should see the unabashed amount per galon of car rental company fee. Disney World's natural-gas prices at this point are lower than most of the petrol station outside the site. Last but not least, your quote does not contain car insurance, crash or casualty insurance for your rental car.

Supplementary health care can be taken out at the rental station. In placing a bid on for car rental, air tickets and hotel rooms, you agree to comply with the General Conditions, therefore we ask you to fully comprehend them before placing a bid, as all bookings are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cancellable.

Whilst you can cut the costs of purchasing Your Own Priceline® Name Priceline Travelcards by up to 40%, I believe that the research effort, limitations, unfamiliar flight timings and connectivity far exceed the saving potentials. Today, aircraft seating fares change almost every single flight because the majority of low-cost airlines increase fares on most flights, so Priceline no longer works for most holidaymakers.

However, for the adventuresome, price-conscious travellers out there, I will give you an outline of the priceline procedure for airline ticketing. The Priceline Name Your Own Price ® ticket is a non-refundable, non-transferable (period) and non-cancellable round-trip ticket and all of the information below is valid for trips to the United States only. Once you have selected some or all of the carriers serving your flight, go directly to the airlines' web sites and calculate the prices for the data you require.

E.g. Northwest has an RT card prize flying you from Logan Airport in Boston, MA to Orlando International and stops in Memphis, TN for a total of $226. 00 but SideStep will list the cheapest RT non-stop flight from Boston to Orlando on Jetblue at $179. Place your bids - Now that you have set the current fares, remember that by betting on a Priceline flight between 6am and 10pm you are leaving with up to 2 calls per route, which can last up to 3h and do not earn frequentmiles, it is your turn to place your bids.

As soon as you start placing your bids on the first monitor, Priceline will add the duties and surcharges. Transit dues, a September 11th safety charge, local fares and any luggage costs are a surcharge. Principle here is if the charge is less than $6. 95 and the priceline charge is below $20 and your offer will be taken you is on a non-stop flight because of the way to charge airfares in the sectors.

Non-stop flights consist of 2 sections, a stop of 4 sections and so on. As I made several different commandments ($75, $100 and $150) for my flight to Milwaukee-Orlando RT, the tax was about $38 and that gives me at least one stop. 75- A good saving is if your holiday timetable allows you to possibly loose two full day at your place of destination. Sure.

This is why you should never use Priceline's name Your Own Price® for weekends. Departures can be at 22.00 at the beginning of your journey and on the flight back your flight can start at 6.00! Priceline does not guarantee more than two calls (maximum three hrs each), but when a tender is placed on the Priceline page, only one call per route is indicated.

In addition, there is no assurance that the carriers will be on schedule. Lastly, during the flight via Priceline Ticket from Wisconsin to Florida (or any other route), it is possible that the flight could be in Los Angeles, Boston or Dallas! In this way you can check whether the savings are worthwhile through Priceline.

Anyone with the courage to place a bet - If your offer is approved, you will have an eTicket for your journey and your debit will be immediately debited. When your offer is declined, you must either sit back 24hrs in order to rebid for the same data and airport to raise your offer, or you can gamble with alternate airport, just as you can with an area.

This information is only an outline of Priceline's name Your Own Price® airfares. As things are changing at on a regular basis, please review the latest policies and regulations before you place a bid. Safe travel and safe biding for everyone!

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