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Via Priceline you can book several reservations in a few minutes. You can also choose a flight or hotel for you. I' ve bought a flight reservation for international travel through Priceline.

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Price line reviews (as of May 2018)

I' inadvertently made a booking for March 12 instead of March 13. So when I went to the motel to checked in, they said they didn't have a booking for the thirteenth, so I made my friend buy the room at the real nook. I receive a notice today that my account has been cancelled by my account manager, so I am on the telephone with Priceline Mortgage.

You tell me to call the motel and once again you can't give me a full refund. No. I do not see why Priceline uses this policy when certain circumstances arise that are beyond the supervision of the individual who plans the vehicle. For a backpacker tour we were supposed to be flying westward (beginning of July 2018) and had made all flight and hire reservations.

Recently, the National Forest Service has limited accessibility to almost all of NM's north and south of CO's publics. There is no point out there now, so we cut off air travel (we didn't use Priceline to buy plane tickets) and had to cancel the flight, I have that.

When we canceled the rent a vehicle "name your price", which forced us to prepay the entire amount at the moment of booking, it became unclear. Alamo, the firm that would actually provide the rented vehicle, had no problems returning the full amount except that they didn't get any of the cash that we Priceline was paying until we picked up the vehicle, so Priceline is there with our full amount on a vehicle that we won't collect.

We' re calling Priceline to explain the whole thing. I' d have liked to have paid an amount as a cancelation charge, but Priceline was not susceptible and will keep our entire rent for goods and service that I will never use. Here again, I have an understanding of the concept of "non-refundable" and that is Priceline's privilege to use such commercial practices.

And I also appreciate that I have the opportunity to never again use Priceline in any way for my own travelling needs in the world. Also I recommend everyone who wants to use a Priceline's'name your price' gimmick for buying and renting a trip to implement this non-refundable part of the agreement and Priceline's stance on the issue in case something happens and you need to do so.

When I booked my room on-line, I checked into the room about an hours after that time. Since her website did not indicate that the accommodation was not animal-friendly before the reservation, I got in touch with Priceline..... When I got in touch with Priceline about my refund, because I wasn't even able to live in a room that I not only pay for but also made a down payment, Priceline said they couldn't do anything.

There' s no staying in a hospitality. Priceeline took it all..... Horrible client services, you thieves! At June 25, 2018 I reserved a room in a nice and comfortable room like I do many a year at I' m conscious that from the time I see the room name on the pricelist until the time I choose the room, the room name, the room name, the room number and the room number, the room number and the room number can be changed.

Once I am, however, going to make payment and acknowledge the prize if I am paying, it should stay at the arrangedýprice. After receiving the verification e-mail, I realized that the prize had significantly altered from the last approved prize I had seen. It took them a long way to find out what was going on when I phoned to deny it.

When I tried to tell an account manager whose English was bad at best, I was informed that he had the right to modify the rate at any moment after I had approved the book. It was outrageous that they simply said to me that they could always adjust the prices and that there was nothing I could do about it.

BEFORE I make the payments, I appreciate the changes in prices and will be made more alert. However, I do not think it is reasonable to modify the prize after I have made my submission. This is not a way to deal with a client who has been using the services for years.

They' re just thanking me for my deal and that I'm free to stop using their services. I have found after this long and pointless call to customers that they have a better guaranteed rate. So, I phoned again. At the time I said that I had found the same room for less cash (I had the screen shots to show this) and that I wanted the reimbursement as announced on their website.

To cut a long story short, it took them an exceptionally long period of searching for these lower rates and then telling me they couldn't find them. After a few seconds I found the lower price. So I asked for an e-mail to give them the screen shots, and I was said that it was not an optional thing to do.

They just tell me that there's nothing they can do because they can't see it. I can find these prizes on their website. Badest client services record I have ever had and which I will never use for anything again. You should never ask for a reimbursement, even if the error was on Priceline.

You' re the worse. Where can I find out that I can rely on these ratings through Priceline? Lowest found rate within a few moments after reservation. Don't use Priceline. Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort - I stayed 2 nights in this resort through Priceline. It is strongly recommended to use another site and NOT to arrange a visit to this property.

I' ve reserved a Day Inn room on Priceline and that was probably the hardest thing to do. Looking for a 5-person sleeping room, I was reading the information I needed to know and book it. First I was satisfied with the prize and the two queen cots with additional sheets were enough.

I didn't know that this room, from Priceline, was furnished for only two persons! Only two double bed for two persons, although I have reserved for 5! for the rest of the guest at the motel, over and above what I had already made. But they just refused to have anything to do with it and explained that Priceline was pricing their own rates and a reimbursement enquiry would incur a $130 cancelation charge!

But I lodged a complaint with Priceline, but they declined to accept the issue. DON'T BOOK WITH THEM. YOU WILL BOOK FOR TWO PERSONS ONLY, NO DIFFERENCE HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! I' ve reserved a room for a Holiday Inn in Long Beach, MS, now. I didn't know it was a third person when I made the booking.

And they said I had to call Priceline because it was an outside group. They were very impolite and the empty point said I would not get a reimbursement because I had just checked and agreed with them. This is a learnt lecture, but from all the Priceline review I have been reading, they are nothing more than cheaters.

KEEP OFF THE PRICE LINE! I' ve rented a vehicle through Priceline and went the next morning to have it cancelled. I had been informed that I would still have to repay this amount even though I would not use it. There was nothing I could achieve with either of them and I was disappointed at the inability to find someone in the United States to help me with my reservations in the United States.

Also the unwillingness of those who work for Priceline. I' d never use Priceline again. He got trapped in Newark and needed a last-minute motel. Book Clinton Manor through Priceline. Upon reservation phoned for shuttles, no shuttles, payed $ 45 for a cab to the resort. and we were against our better judgment.

Never post on Priceline again. In Kauai, Hawaii, I reserved a room through my Perks page at work without realizing that Priceline was the site on which the booking was based. I' ve recieved a booking verification email that lists the room rates ($903.42) and tax and charges (490.56).

Upon arriving at the guesthouse, we were notified that we should be paying the day charge at check-in. So I showed them my approval and since there were no details, they said we had to buy them and go back to Priceline. They said that if I could show them that they were prepaid, they would get back the resorts charges we had to reimburse them directly.

As we got back home, I got in touch with the perk site agent to help me find out the detail of the $490.56. In the course of a weekly period, the agent approached Priceline, and back and forth to Priceline rather than Priceline to get the tax and fee information. If Priceline doesn't get the $490.

Where is Priceline hiding? So, in essence, we have no resort access and the accommodation does not give us the resorts fee they made us cover ($125 extra). That' s fake advertising on their supply side and very misleading on the part of Priceline. Looking for different accommodations for 1 overnight stays, I see an expressed quote for a reduced price.

There were sample resorts, Extended Stay, Best Westerns, Holiday Inn Express; so I thought, why not. After I have filled in my details to book a room, the Econo Lodge has been chosen for me. The Econo Lodge was no example of a hospital. Strongly angry, I chatte with the account manager and ask for reimbursement and cancelling.

I have been told by Rep that the booking is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-modifiable. Encourage everyone not to use Priceline. Priceeline has the poorest level of client services I've ever had. and inadvertently entered the last name of one of the people. I phoned Priceline 7x, was on a wait loop for several hour and could not solve the problem.

I had to mail the pass to Priceline and the carrier. Although the company authorized the name modification, Priceline did not help me to correct the name on the booking. It' as if they refuse to help me intentionally and make it hard to make changes to my booking.

It was my first use of Priceline and it will be my last. At Priceline, a transaction with the reference "Express Book" appeared. They made a bargain to get this prize quickly. This was a better prize than most I had seen, so I reserved it, but of course there was a small printed "Tickets are non-refundable and non-refundable".

Then I phoned to ask for an early date for my flight when they couldn't put me up. To be honest, I found Michael, my account manager, very impolite. And he even ridiculed me when I said I was puzzled why I couldn't at least switch my flight. And he said: "You can make another flight for which you can't get your cash back" and smiled.

I' ve never reserved a flight where there are no connections. Because of this I will never again make a booking with Priceline and I do not refer anyone else. Preiceline is full of **. You are advertising a 3 Quien and booking a room with a Quien and then you are wasting over an hours of my spare minute telling me that there is nothing you can do to repay my monevo.

and they won't even reimburse the fake commercials they made. Don't use On February 28, 2018, I was looking for a room in Hughenden, Australia. I have searched on the Priceline website.

Together with several other offerings for Hughenden Hoteles, Priceline made an offering for Hughenden Boutique Hote, March, 03 2018. Yes, I have reserved the room and immediately got the confirm. However, it was situated at 14 Queen Street, Woollahra, Paddington, Sydney New South Wales, 2025, Australia, far away from Hughenden.

I immediately cancelled the property and approached Priceline support to report a bug in the locator and wanted to terminate for free. So, if you are booking through Priceline (which I certainly do not recommend), make sure the property is where you want it!

I' ve reserved a Cumberland, MD hire to Baltimore Airport. I tried to chat with Priceline on-line and they took me to the Entertain. Tell them I made $84 for the one way dropping off and the comforts. WITH A PRICE LINE. Ashame on you, Priceline. Last weeks I was booking a room through Priceline Express Deal, paying $101 per person and getting'Four Points by Sheraton'.

Now ( (15.06.2018) the cost for the same property has dropped to $91 per overnight stay within the same date (04.07. to 07.07.), but Priceline gives all kinds of reasons not to reach the prize and pay back my moneys. Priceguarantee - Book an Express Deal and we will reimburse you 200% of the balance by noon.

I' m offering a prize for a certain area. You gave me a property that was offered at a lower cost than my offer. There is no access to the wireless network in this room and the car park is terrible. Your so-called after sales reiterated that there was nothing they could do.

But why should I offer a higher rate for a property that I could have been less expensive? Do NOT use PRICELINE to spare your headaches and your cash! Booking with Priceline (hotel car). Everything prepaid. At the pick-up of the rented vehicle I was told that Priceline did not make the payment and I have to make the payment again.

Attempted to name priceline with the outcome that I talked for long periods with Philippine and Mexican folks - no outcomes. Your so-called executive support only acknowledges that you have obtained the e-mail, but you cannot and will not resolve the problem. Terribly awful, get away!!!!

I' ve been trying to get help from them about a problem I had with my booking. I had the First lady tell me they'd get back to me in 3-5 working day. I am Priceline client services long ago and I believe they always get the cheapest rate as they advertise "Best priceline guarant.

100 per cent reimbursement if you find a lower price". All I did was to make a reservation for $310 on Priceline last weekend and after 2 hrs my boyfriend made a reservation for another $287 website, I got in touch with them and provided all the information and my boyfriend's receipts, but their support was very impolite. So I said: "I don't need a 100% reimbursement as announced, please reverse the reservation for me, I'll reserve another website".

You don't let me call off and bill me the full amount. I' ll never again make a reservation on Priceline, please be cautious with " BEST PRICE GENUARANTEED " on Priceline. I' ve reserved a room via Priceline and for some occasion my email was sent to Spamm. Paying $700+ for the room in anticipation, I made sure I could have the room cancelled up to 48hrs before our journey.

Next morning I found a room for less and resolved to call off my room at Priceline. After contacting Priceline in chat, I learned that they had no reservations and should check their parents' page Book. said to me, because I don't have a 4-digit personal identification number, I don't have a confirmation of my reservations, although I had already debited it from my cred.

Then I was instructed to go back to Priceline and let her find it. On the telephone I was screamed at by Booking, separated from Priceline in the conversation and then informed by Booking that it was my fault if I could not verify the booking with a Pincode.

Priceeline offers you a quotation but does not warrant the seller's willfulness. During my recent practice, the seller alleged that Priceline's offer was not something they had accepted and would not uphold. Since I was a thousand kilometres away and in a strange land, I asked Priceline for help and all I could get from them was that they would deal with it.

The Priceline offers are of no value and their client care is the same. Do not use Priceline! I' ve purchased a flight booking for my travels internationally through Priceline. And I didn't want to make it for my first part of my booking. So, I phoned Priceline Client Services to see if my first part of my booking could be moved to another flight.

Well, I phoned Priceline, my call was routed to Priceline Travel Service. Well, I phoned again, this one I was reassigned to a real-life operative. and that I needed help modifying my booking. If I call the airline companies, they tell me that there is nothing they can do about it because of several companies and that I need to get in touch with Priceline.

Because I had an emergencies and also for want of solutions and instructions from Priceline, I had to make a completely new booking with Priceline and I had to buy a new one. Priceeline Travel Support could have assisted me in finding a way out, but it seems that there is no after-sales support.

Particularly in an emergencies scenario, you are expecting a company's client services to be strengthened and help the client. I' ve traveled through Priceline on a regular basis. The way Priceline handles this appeal will determine whether I use your services. Priceeline Case # ** - Demo - ** helps me make this a case with Priceline.

I' ve tried to make a reservation through AVIS, but the page was not available. Somehow I got into Priceline, found the Avis vehicle I wanted at SFO, and reserved it for an appointment 9 nights in the futurolog. My journey was postponed within 24hrs, so I phoned Priceline to call off.

Then I asked them when I would see the balance in my bankroll. "I think it was $11 or something, far better than the $131. 00 I was going to just give Priceline so they could re-hire the vehicle.

Please contact CHASE SAPPHIRE to submit a case. The benefits I had been paying for had not been made. This is denied by Priceline. This is no wonder, the share rate, which is $2,143.00 per share! State your prize - only 4.5 stars. Expressbid - 4 stars (same hotel). State your prize "this property got a $113 offer - 12h before.

Express-bid - $73 (note that you have been to this property before). As we thought everything would go well, we had a jolt when we got here to make the check-in. As the receptionist immediately said: "No, you don't have a booking in our system, your name isn't written here anywhere.

" So we had to try to find a room in a less popular accommodation, as we had already payed the registration fees for the meeting that was taking place at the accommodation that turned us down. Well, thank you, a million Priceline. Now, we have some $350 Priceline has stolen from us.

I' ve got in touch with them, but I got an answer like "gee, we're so sorry you had to go through this, but you have to get in touch with Miracle Doozy-do, one of our affiliates, to get help. will never try to make a booking with these ** again.

Do not use such an "intermediary company", make your booking directly with the hotels.

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