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Priceeline CEO speaks about the most important US cities, the development of the tourism sector Priceline was established in 1998 and is one of the first on-line tourist offices. Over one million visitors to the website every single working days to search for offers on airfares, hotel accommodation, car rentals and cruise ships. CBS This Morning " was introduced by CEO Brett Keller in his first networking meeting since the company's acquisition to talk about the top US locations and how bookings have evolved over the company's 20-year track record.

Priceline, once regarded as a disruptive factor in the sector, has evolved strongly with the advent of smart phones and peer-to-peer accounting features such as Airbnb. "It' s a common journey twenty years ago that you travel with the same carrier, that you travel back with the same carrier, that you spend four or five nights in the same city.

It'?s not the way they go anymore. Today, they want to go to a location, maybe spend a few nights with their buddies, cruise the coastline, make last-minute bookings for a room in a luxury resort, and the portable apps have made it possible. At Priceline, we are designing more versatile packing solutions that can be used to make such trips," said Keller.

Almost two third of those who plan a holiday this summers will reach their destination despite higher fuel costs. Trend shows that smaller towns are reviving as Americans like to remain near their homes and experience unparalleled cityscape. Basement said they have seen an interesting increase in trips to Detroit and Cleveland - towns not usually thought of as hotspots.

"I know that Detroit was proclaimed America's most thrilling metropolis by the New York Times just a few month ago and folks are showing that with their fashion.

Up-and-coming destinations: New Orleans is another town where Priceline has seen more interest, with a 150 per cent rise in Memorial Day weekends reservations. "In the next 20 and a half day we will start the largest sales in the Priceline story to mark our 20th year and our goal is to saving the Americans $50 million in the next 20 days," he said.

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