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Priceline Quick Getaways cruise ships Take the strain off a longer holiday and find out why fast excursions are the most relaxed way to go. Instead of trying to make separate bookings for trips, hotel and meal, 3 to 5 day sightseeing tours are the ideal way to combine costs! Savour unbelievable value about traditional excursions and savour food, accommodation and even fun - all at a great price.

A fast emergency flight gives you the chance to experience a whole host of adventures in just a few short outings. It is the ideal way to get away from it all without wasting all the hard-earned holidays. Benefit from all the advantages of an extensive holiday during your fast flight shows inclusive Broadway-like, spas treatments, night clubs, casinos and delicious food on board some of the top cruising routes around.

And when you make a booking with Priceline Creises, you can select from a range of routes and the best deals and discounts. Give us a call today to explore fast excursions and exclusiv features in a short period of the year.

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STARBUACKS may sell gourd seasoning latte, but it' s not over in summers - and neither is your shot at escaping. With children returning to schools, fares are dropping in the most popular holiday resorts - even if the wheather is not too poor in most places. reports that the US hotels' averages have fallen sharply in comparison to the previous year. This has also provided us with some great outings.

Mean daytime bar harbor rents have dropped 14% in comparison to summers, and Maine is quite astonishing. Kimball Terrace Inn Northeast Harbor is priced from $110 per person per day when you purchase through Priceline's portable application. Very full in summers, Cape Cod is a great place to take a breather at the end of the year.

Priceeline has offers from $183 per overnight for three-star Falmouth region and more. Monday is still a little expensive - albeit comparatively inexpensive. Village Latch Inn Hotel has rooms from $296 on Priceline's cell phone application, versus the average rate of $395 per room. Priceine has an overnight rush shop in Shreveport from $81 per person.

Autumn prices for hotels in Monterey have fallen by 22% year-on-year. Seaside Area is $193 a night on Priceline's Express Deal. Three and a half stars Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach has prices from $117 per hour, according to Priceline. Prices on Priceline begin at $189 per city. The Joshua Tree can get very warm in it.

And now these temporary workers are beginning to drop. Prices in the Twentynine Palms area begin at $85 per city. Prices for a three-star Madison city centre resort begin at $148, according to Priceline, and that will get roasted curd within a mile. In Milwaukee, city centre four-star hostels are available from $94 per person per city centre which makes it an even cheaper option - and an additional one never detriment.

Floridian is the top destination in 23 states for the event, according to Priceline, and the average day rates this week-end is about $89 a night. a...

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