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Bidding at Priceline Hotel can save you a lot of money. The largest and most active priceline and hotwire hotel community. Look what other hotels have won. Their exclusive member deals for your hotel stays are better than publicly offered prices in the usual hotel search engines: Adhere to the anatomy of a bid and hotel stay in the expensive Times Square area.

As you can see "Priceline Hack" a luxury hotel on the inexpensive

When you' re like most folks, you don't want to get overpaid for a hotel. They want to quickly find and reserve a great hotel at a great prize. When you are going to be paying hard cash for a hotel (rather than points), the absolutely best way I know of quickly getting a great hotel at a great prize is to use the Priceline bat I describe in this pole.

Last I used this approach, I stayed at a $150 4-star hotel in Miami for $65 - a saving of $85 or 57%. Now, think of doing it four days a year. You can quickly save money if you make this hotel reservation standard. I' ll tell you how Priceline works.

99% of the hotel reservation pages show the name and the hotel location before you make your reservation. This is not the case with Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" accounting methodology, about which I have already used it. The name or exact location of the hotel is not visible before you make your reservation.

However, you can indicate in which area your hotel must be located and in which category of stars (5-star, as well as receive 4 stars, etc.). Then you make Priceline an offer for what you are willing to buy for a hotel of this or that category in this or that area. Suppose you want to sleep in a five-star hotel in New York's Times Square.

When Priceline refuses the offer as too low, you want to immediately increase your offer to e.g. $100. This way you would finally get the cheapest rates (within $19) for which a 5-star Times Square hotel sells a room. Priceline doesn't want you to be able to challenge the least.

Preiceline wants you to outbid. As higher you offer above the minimal, the more money there is for Priceline. In order to prevent you from getting the best price, you can only place a bids on Priceline for the same hotel stars in the same area every 2h.

So if you are bidding $80 for a Five Stars hotel in Times Square and this offer is declined, you will have to spend 2 hour waiting to try your $100 offer. For one, if you switch the hotel's rating. When you choose, you agree to a 5 or 4 stars certificate.

5 star hotel on Times Square, you can immediately place your raised $100 offer. However, the trouble with this is that you would soon be offering $160 for every hotel in the 3-star or higher area. When Priceline takes up this offer and you end up in a 3-star hotel, you probably won't be lucky.

Secondly, Priceline allows you to place another immediate offer if you include extra areas where you are open for a 5-star hotel to land. You want to be in Times Square, not in one of the neighbouring areas. If you are looking for the best value for money, the bottom line is to gradually increase your wager.

If you click on the surroundings, you will see that there are also 5-star-inns. For example, Central Park South and Upper West Side also have 5-star restaurants. Since your offers will be declined, you do not want to include these areas in your quest, as you may end up receiving a 5-star hotel offer in one of these areas instead of Times Square.

However, you can see that some areas around Times Square do not have a 5-star hotel. Now you can run the Priceline hack. Mincemeat: All you have to do is place your opening offer (e.g. $80) for a 5-star hotel in Times Square. When Priceline refuses this offer, place a $100 offer for a 5-star hotel either in Times Square or in one of the other areas where you have already found that there are no 5-star properties (e.g. Midtown East).

When Priceline takes your $100 offer, you know that the 5-star hotel will actually be in Times Square. This is the only area in which Priceline has a 5-star hotel. When Priceline refuses this $100 offer, insert a third area where no 5-star hotel is available (e.g. Grand Central Terminal) and increase your offer to $120.

To illustrate, I begin with an opening offer of only $10 for a 5-star Times Square hotel, increasing my offer by only $10 each year. As with so many of the money-saving and time-saving strategies I am writing about, the Priceline Chipper is good for a one-time win.

As soon as you know how to make hotel bookings in this way, it only needs a few extra minute per reservation to use the Priceline Hack instead of the usual way. However, as I have shown above, these few minute savings can easy be $85/night - $1,700 per year if you have 20 nights/year hotel bookings charged.

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