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Priceline is ideal for hotel bookings and bids. Bold prices include flight, hotel, taxes and fees. Price line vs. kayak: What free application makes this better?

Priceeline announces this months acquisition of Kayak, a move that brings together two of the businesses active in the traveler applications market. Priceeline said Kayak would work autonomously and they would probably not be merging their applications. From Kayak's to Priceline. com's hotel, airfares and hire cars applications, you'll find virtually every kind of trip application function on the markets.

This is especially important when looking for a hotel sojourn. This free kayak application (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, Nokia and Kindle Fire), which has taken more than 20 million hits since its launch in March 2009, has both pros and cons compared to Priceline, because kayak is basically a tourist agent and not a tourist agent.

Except one important rule, i.e. if you choose to stay in a hotel, you will usually need to browse to on-line agencies such as, ReserveTravel,,, Orbitz or Expedia to make your reservation. Kayak booking" is an exceptional feature for a rising number of establishments.

You can make a reservation within the application or on a toll-free number. is a tourist office. Priceline's free application (iPhone, iPad and Android) provides more than 200,000 properties in comparison to Kayak's choice of around 330,000. Priceline has more ways to get them booked, which means you have a better shot at making a trade.

The reservation method of the pricelist includes: Released prices (which Kayak also offers). State your own prize. They can offer and receive up to 60% discount, but you do not know in advanced the name of the hotel and its exact whereabouts. They know the hotel rate, with up to 45% discount, but do not know the hotel's name.

Same date reservations, with prices and hotel name known in advanced, and with up to 40%discount. As well as accommodation, the free Kayak Apple provides air travel, rental cars, flight tracing, My Tours (to organise your route in one place) and Kayak Explore (the option to look for a flight without a specified destination).

The Kayak Pro (99 Cent, only iOS) provides all this plus tickets for about 100 aerodromes - and no ads. Kayaks application is simple to use and has features. When looking for a flight, for example, you can select the quickest, least expensive flight length, the fastest departure, the latest departure and the fastest arrival. They can find out how often a flight will arrive on schedule, the tariff codes, the plane models, the distances and the number of places left.

Kayak's application is extensive, with a number of alliances with airlines, hotels and hire cars around the globe. One drawback is that you often have to browse outside the application to sites of different qualities to make a reservation. Priceline iPhone and iPad applications provide air and vehicle hire in parallel to hotel bookings.

But the Android application does not offer air travel. Stacks are a convincing characteristic of Priceline's hotel offer. Here you can comfortably look at and contrast four properties and their functions, which include their stars, guests and comforts. While kayaking is said to be the application for comparing hotel comparisons, this function makes it much simpler than kayaking.

When the Priceline applications fall, the four ways to reserve a hotel can be overpowering. This is especially the case when you look at the hotel selection in a large town on a card. There is a confusion of tens of overlapping hotel pricing out there. I' m giving the kayak application the overall benefit when it comes to simple to use and elegant design and completeness.

However, the honor goes to Priceline if you are willing to put the application through its paces to get a bargain.

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