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Browse our directory of hotels in Dapoli, India and find the lowest prices. Only a word of warning if you book flights via Priceline. from India? Makemytrip.

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That' just a few words of caution if you book your tickets via Priceline. Boketed kayaking with them, overall amount was $6517 AU. Airfares came confirm and received a route e-mail from then confirm the data / numbers etc. sometime in the midnight I got another e-mail: map.

"Unfortunately, my debit cardholder was charged and the cash is still gone. I' ve been exchanging e-mails and telephone conversations from Priceline, everyone with a different pretext "qantas has my money" "Maybe you haven't had enough cash in your account". "All I want is my cash back and they won't acknowledge they have it.

Terribly horrible corporation to deal with, I'm down hundred bucks between having to miss work and go to my bench to my innumerable hours I' ve been spending on influence to them trying to get my $6517 back. AVOIDING AVOIDING AVOIDING AVOIDING AVOIDING PRICELINE. Ratings

It employs unbelievable individuals with whom it is easy to work together. The vacation season is good, the payment is good enough. It' s unbelievably annoying to see most humans and groups in their own bladder, too scared to loose reputation or might by exchanging knowledge and skills.

Leadership benchmarking is critical, not only in terms of their performances, but also in terms of their managerial capabilities. A few of the folks I've worked with seem to be doing everything they can to get you on the backburst or to keep you from getting too much clout without going through them. Lots of competent and enthusiastic individuals, some of them great executives.

Priceeline is a place where you have the chance to become the pro you want to be. It is important to maintain a work-life equilibrium because managers understand that individuals have live and things are happening - in turn, staff are required to improve efficiency and commitment when time permits. It is an open house and layout area where everyone is invited to work together, exchange ideas and think across groups, in the best tour operators' interests.

If you are looking for a place for a long-term careers, consider Priceline. Many interesting works (you have to press for it). Magnificent individuals and the great wish to be successful make this place a place where it is enjoyable to work. Can' t think of too many disadvantages.....although I believe there still has to be a kick to get the great folks in and keep the great folks in.

A few clever folks and some who say they're clever! Mainly good top managment. Lots of good, respectable folks everywhere! Three years = one division = three managers and three full-time managers; all with failed qualifications, but sorry and inefficient personnel leadership and organisational aptitudes. She seems to run like a nursery school on "Show and Tell" - how about someone with substance and experiences?

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