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Last Minute Car Hire Price List

Cheap daily rates for last-minute car rentals! Change of attitude? Priceeline optimizes it for last-minute car rental companies

Pricelined -integrated last-minute car rental and reservation option in the new iPhone- and iPod toupod. Priceline President and CEO Jeffery Boyd in September 2009 was speculating that wireless services will alter consumers' behaviour over the course of the year, so that travellers will enjoy themselves when they are there.

With the announcement of the app's new car rental capability, Priceline takes this path and says that it will allow customers to hire a car after arriving at an airfield - and the car would be finished within 30 mins. after making the book. Priceline says that more than half of the hotels booked via the application are for check-in on the same date.

As Priceline has seen an upward trend in the last minute reservations of the application, it has reduced its announcement for pick-up from two to 30 seconds through the application. "We believe that there is a last-minute travelers' choice of a rental car market," says Priceline spokesperson Brian Ek.

"You can rent a car from your iPhone instead of hauling a notebook into a free Wi-Fi area ( "or pay the connection fee"), the 30-minute pick-up time means you don't have to wait for the car to be picked up at the terminal, and you get these names for your own price advantages," says Nico.

Priceeline works with Hertz, Avis, Alamo, National and Budget Exclusive in its Hotel & Rental Car Negotiator application, and last-minute name your own pricing and reservations can be made within the application. Included in the app's functions, Priceline says, it shows past offers from other clients at the chosen airfield by vehicle model, and allows iPhone slides to be manipulated to enhance or reduce their offers.

Price line communicated also that the app is further to the free down load in the app Store to offer. Priceeline provides its car rental services in the USA only.

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