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That's a fair question. Cambies ads with William Shatner and auction-like bids. Preiceline also offers hotels by name, which you can book online.

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"My boyfriend asked me 10 years ago when I was looking for a place to put my little boyfriend and his wifes without having to sleep on my sofa. This was my first intro to the realm of travelling on line. Accepting their proposal, I asked for a few hints and soon afterwards got them a luxurious room by the water for $70, which was usually for $179.

So if you've ever asked yourself what William Shatner is doing on TV, or if you've tried Priceline and it's confusing you, you're not alone. There are three ways to buy trips from Priceline. Your best known way (and the best offer) is to bid blindly for hotel, car or plane tickets using the "Name Your Own Price" check.

Do not know the name of the name of the property, carrier or landlord you are purchasing from. If you are entering "Name Your Own Price" for a property, you are entering a bid you want to make for a specific category of property on the basis of the number of asterisks and the geographical area.

You' re not stating which hotels. I always go to a four-star or higher motel, according to the principle that I want to spend the night in a motel that I normally can't afford, or I might as well go to Motel 6. They will tell you what they think is the standard racks ratio for this property and will suggest a bid, but you can just disregard it and bid as low as you want.

When you" win" your bid and your bid is approved, your coffee machine will be immediately debited and you will know the name of the accommodation you will receive. It is by far the most cost-effective way to use Priceline. Note that you can use this feature to fill your room with non-sold rooms.

Sometimes it is only low or off seasons, e.g. e.g. the rooms in our restaurants are empty during the year. Sometimes this means that the property is not popular because it smells filthy, shoddy or the housekeeping. You take a chance when you post because you don't make any progress with the result. Make sure you bid low to make it worth your while.

Priceeline also provides nominally properties that you can book on-line. The above mentioned properties may not provide a particularly good range. I' m never using this feature on Priceline, and I'm not suggesting that you do either. The third possibility is "express deals", similar to Hotwire transactions, because you don't know the name of the property, it is less expensive than the above mentioned services, but you don't have to put up with the tormenting stressful job of the bid.

On Priceline you can also book a car hire and buy air tickets. Rents do not contain any additional assurance, and please be aware that some hire firms may charge you to purchase their additional assurance, which can be very expensive. When you want to bid for a Priceline ticket, remember that you want to bid for every ticket during the game.

That means it's not a good way to go on weekends, because you could leave on Saturday evening and come back on Sunday mornings. And of course you have no option but to choose the carrier. Hints for bidding: Choose a lower than likely and lower than the priceline analyzer will tell you.

They can bid once every 24hrs, so come back and bid again if they are declined. Had a $180 a day Marriott in Atlanta for $79. I thought it was a theft until I found out someone else got the same place for $41 a day.

In the following evening I tried again and got the second one for $41. You may not have to sit for 24 hrs to place a bid again after you are declined. Priceline allows the smallest chart area for properties. When your bid is declined and you want to bid again immediately, expand the area you are looking for - or modify the stars bar of the game.

Notice that all "resort fees" the cost of accommodation is not inclusive; you will still get bogged down with them on what you are paying Priceline. Priceline does not warrant the number of rooms in a room for any number of people. When you definitely need more berths, either the motel is ready to play or you use Hotwire, which usually guarantees the set up of the new one.

While Priceline includes a handy application with a grooving picture of William Shatner, the full edition is a little simpler to use. Do you want more hints on using Priceline? They announce their advice and tell about their offers by summarizing information to help others.

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