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Deal Priceline has the best travel deals to help you reach almost every destination in the world as cheaply as possible. They are still the best, and I've never found an affordable quote for Travelocity or Expedia's opaque products. With these Priceline offers you receive offers for flights to top locations.

Priceline: Can not book Priceline Express Deal?

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Getting a big deal on a hotel with Priceline

Priceeline provides "Express Deals" that provide essential information about a property - neighbourhood, facilities, stars and guests ratings (in most cases). They' also tell you the percent rebate you get with the Express deal, plus the cost you are paying for it. Usually do not use express services because they do not like to know which hotels they book.

And once you have bought an express deal with your major bank account, there is no backtracking. However, with the information they give you, you can sort the properties Priceline has to offer to find out which property you will get! For example, a Times Square three-star property with free web access, a fitness studio, a 7+ ratings from customers, and a $145 (39%) discount.

In order to find out what this deal is, withdraw from the express offers and go back to the section that shows all properties on Priceline. Filters your selection so that only Time Square properties with 3 stars, free access to the web and a fitness studio are displayed. This could score 4 hits, so next check which hotel is awarded 7-7.9 by the score.

Let's say there are two remaining properties. It is then easy to find out which property is a 39% saving over the displayed rate. Does that make head or tail? But with this approach I was always able to find out which property I would get (usually at a very reasonable price!).

It is also recommended that you use Store through EBATS to get 3-4% of your Priceline purchases back in real time. Did you ever try this technique with Priceline?

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