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Tell us your own price at The Review of Economic Studies was established in 1933 by a group of young UK and US academics with the aim of promoting research in theory and application, in particular by young academics. It is now considered one of the five most important business magazines. It is an indispensable source of information for business scholars and has a good record of making groundbreaking contributions to both theory and practice.

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Priceline experience'Call your own price'? - Caroleston Forum

Priceline experience'Call your own price'? So if you've had experiences, how closely to your specifications are they when they vote? i.e. - if I pick downtown CHS (which shows their detail card ca. between Rutledge and the harbour and it looks like Radcliffe to just below Commercial St.) and name my price are they really going to keep me within that range when I specify?

Even if I name my price and don't like the hotel they found, do I have a last chance to decide out before I actually buy, or am I tight with one they find? What is the best way to get a great'Name your own price' offer OR how near the travel season?

What better way to get there, or nearer? Priceline experience'Call your own price'? Used Priceline once and Hotwire once. If you are willing to search for all this help, they ask you to use their Priceline (and Hotwire) link when you are convenient. Priceline experience'Call your own price'?

Priceline and Hotwire, once you receive the name of the hotelier, lock you in. It is often very evident which kind of hotels are involved. Also you can do gadgets like, Google the number of rooms of the hotels and the town, for example, 91 rooms hotels, Charleston, SC). Priceline experience'Call your own price'?

for $55 a day. Anybody ever have trouble with the hotels taking these bookings? and there'?s no place for you? Unprecedented, but the same evening in the same Sheraton - on the Sheraton website it's $159 (the cheapest price available).

Priceline experience'Call your own price'? Priceline experience'Call your own price'? Thank you for your answers and the extra quick Links. Priceline experience'Call your own price'? I" always" use Hotwire and Priceline. However I cannot emphasize enough that even if you know the cheats and use the bestbidding advice, there is always a chance you will not get the motel you thought you would get.

Well, if that's okay with you, then go for it - you can readily conserve 60-70 per cent (or more!) I was saving about $100 per overnight on a overnight accommodation I recently had in Atlanta. A downside is you can't get the hospitality reward points - but the deals are so surprising, usually, who gives a damn.

Priceline experience'Call your own price'? When you want to place a Priceline offer, how far from your travel data would you place a tender? Priceline experience'Call your own price'? I' m trying to find out what price to offer. If I go to the various hostel sites, I get prices between $59 and $95 per overnight stay.

Do you think I can hit them by placing a bid on Priceline or Hotewire? Priceline experience'Call your own price'? Are the price ranges you enter for the same "area" and "asterisk rating"? The best thing about the bid places is that you can spend the night in a "spoiling hotel" at a "street motel" price.

When you get a range, examine the amenities and, if available, examine the ratings given by buyers who actually remained there - not just the amenity ratings as they get a "check" if they have them, but there is no yardstick for how cute they are ). i.e. - they may have a puddle putting them in a higher stars ratings but if the puddle is small, coarse or obsolete that is only mirrored in what buyers say about the hotel.

Priceline experience'Call your own price'? In fact, the price margin I was mentioning is for the same kind of stars ratings of the city. So I realise these Hotels just want to sign up the rooms and get some sort ofthe moneys for them instead of letting them empty, but some of the rates I see are surprisingly good (on lastminutravel and on priceline).

I' m just not sure what price to put in a tender for.

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