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Do you think I can beat them by bidding on Priceline or Hotwire? priceline, what a fraud at your own price....

. San Francisco

We introduced the information to remain in NY Town for 2 grown-ups and 1 childs, only to find out later that our adopted bid, Piceline modified the Deal for only 2 grown-ups and claimed that you couldn't name your own price offers to include a childs.... What a SCAM! Got bogged down with crackie Deal that is now trying to work with motel to see if they can help us out.

This is sucking - we have had the best fortune with Priceline so far. Have been using your own price offers for years. Recently I made a booking for 4 persons and 3 persons (2 rooms) in a motel. Each of the rooms provided by Priceline is suitable for 2 persons. If I had known that this would be the case, I could have reserved two rooms elsewhere for less.

Don't dare put Priceline at risk. I' m not so familiar with Seattle Priceline and have reserved a room in "Downtown/Pike Place". "This is no trouble with the motel itself. "I took the hotelbrochure and she herself described the hotelier (the Silver Cloud) as "only a few moments away from the city centre". Just like the top line: Don't believe Priceline.

Once I tried Priceline for a room booking. At the end of the day, I paid more for a non-direct ticket than the currently released live tickets on their own website. EXACTLY WHAT TALE DID I GET? WATCH OUT PRICELINE CLIENTS! Concealed fees - after you bid on a room in a nearby luxury hotels, you find that there are extra charges you didn't know about.

The resorts charges can rise up to 30+ /night, and often these have exorbitant park charges to equal + taxes. The Priceline says that these are charges that are under the control of the hosts and for which they can do nothing. How about trading a motel for a "similar" one in the same area where these concealed charges do not exist?

It' been with EVERYthing I' ve done in the last year. I' ve found out that Expedia is sincere with their clients and informs them about these resorts charges. I' m done with the price - as long as you know that these charges will be added to the PRICELINE price - then a penalty will be due.

  • It' been with EVERYthing I' ve done in the last year. This interview is over 2 month old and has been concluded for new contributions.
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