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Then I traveled to Blytheville, AR, a very small town. Price list "Name your own price" Tricks - WF The Priceline Name Your Own Price is a tool I have been using for years. I NYOP'd is a remote recollection for the first one, but the intoxication of achievement that was felt after my award was received always felt brand-new. I' ve used Priceline NYOP to book a hotel in NYC, London, San Francisco and many other places in California.

If I have spoken to my mates about the value of using NYOP, they have raised misgivings. First and foremost, it seems to be the high standard of the hotels that are unable to book or terminate your reservation. This is a legitimate worry, and I will try to raise it below and give some sound NYOP advice and hints!

You should only use this tool if you are willing to research. The Priceline classifies your selections by area and asterisk. If you are looking for the stellar levels, it is always best to begin with a 4 stars or more. My own personal experiences show that this will usually be a threestar property on the basis of what I am willing to pay for, but there were days when I could buy a four-star property with a two-star budge.

For me it' s a pleasure to cross borders when I use NYOP. I' m willing to get turned down and go back every single working hour until I get the kind of bargain I want. When you have selected your preferred areas/minimum levels, you will be asked to place a tender on the basis of a night tariff.

Next to this purple coloured speaker is a brighter purple coloured speaker that shows you how high the average selling price is for a property that is within your range. NYOP tool offers 60% saving for those who want to use it, so my general principle is to add 40% to the amount shown in the brighter oranges.

So if you can't buy this price, I suggest you change the area you're looking in or your celebrity levels. There are two ways to get NYOP, either by playing the long match or by outbidding a little. By slightly outbid, I mean you should be aiming for your saving to be somewhere in the 20%-40% area.

The only time you can place bids is within a certain time frame, and if your entries are not received, you have to leave. Don't worry, Priceline won't let you lose your quest and will be sending you follow-up e-mails with the aim of luring you into another bidding war in the near future.

There' pages devoted to the best NYOP deals. Folks are posting their offers and resort information. If you want, you can look at them here: From my own experiences, some of our properties are treating you the same as other guests and the fact that you have received a great offer doesn't make any difference. I recently slept in a London motel with an NYOP transaction and found that my TV wasn't working.

As soon as you have arrived and checked into your accommodation, make sure everything meets the standards. Priceeline has its own section on its website named Express Deals. Some of the express deals on offer are better than the NYOP deals for the same celebrity level/area. It is a customary practice to read the "Express Bids" section before placing a tender.

Also this is the part of the site they incline to quote voucher codes on, so make sure to look around and try to find a further 5% off your express deal. Priceline provides travel insurances if you are worried that you will have to book your holiday for various reason.

It' quite cheap and offers safety in case you need to do a rainy cheque. They can be added at the time of purchasing. Let the chances always be in your favour!

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