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With Priceline you can bid on hotels. What is the Priceline negotiator in the backend? "Kills" The Price Line Negotiator (NASDAQ:PCLN)

January 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- (Nasdaq: PCLN) announced today that it will be killing the beloved Priceline Negotiator, a William Shatner personality, in its new nationwide TV ad campaigns. Mr. Shatner has been com's spokesperson for 14 years and is under agreement with the Group.

In 2007, he took on the position of negotiator for the first time. said it chose to abolish the negotiator nature to draw consumer awareness to its published-price hotelservice, which is the most rapidly expanding part of's hotelsbiz. said it will maintain its Name-Your-Own Price Zurich® hotelier services, which can reduce travelers' discount by up to 60% on advertised fares.

"Priceline Negotiator is very much associated with the label and the idea of bargaining for a room in a hotel," says Brett Keller, Chief Marketing Officer of "But Priceline. com clients don't have to bargain to get a bargain. With no bids, they can select from over 200,000 top class properties around the globe, of which every single working days we offer tens of thousands at prices we have arranged for them.

Over the last three years has more than trebled the number of properties available through our published-price hotelparts. "Keller continued: "We felt it was necessary to go to the extreme to draw the interest of all consumers in America and bring home the news that you don't have to bargain to make savings at a property.

At The Negotiator we know that we have a large fan base, and we trust that everyone will understand that this was something that simply had to be done. "With The Negotiator, the new advertising campaigns begin to save a bouncing coach on a gangway. The Negotiator succeeds in getting her off the coach securely - and finding a motel for the nigh.

The negotiator himself can't leave the coach until he falls off the break. It consists of four main brand names -,, and TravelJigsaw - and several sub-brands. With over 170,000 properties (as of November 7, 2011), Book. com is the world's leading on-line accommodation facility and is available in 41 different language versions.

Recent censuses are available on the website. offers recreational travellers several ways to reduce their flight ticket, accommodation, car hire, holiday package and cruise costs. As well as the persuasive pricing that has been released, travellers can take full benefit of the price list. com's renowned name Your Own Price Safety, which can provide the cheapest available for you. is an Asian-based on-line booking facility available in 37 different language versions. The TravelJigsaw is a multi-national rental company that offers its booking facilities in over 4,000 cities.

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