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New Orleans, LA bids recently won with hotels actually won. Select from destinations across the country and see a new city. New Orleans Forum - a price list of hotels

I didn't actually use Priceline to get a room in NOLA, but it's next on my docket. I used it in Philadelphia, though, and I was very lucky. Check out - they have great tips for which hotels are probably in which section of the town and how to count low rates.

I' m always checking her side before I play around on Priceline. but I was lucky with Priceline. I would say go for it if you can specify the desired neighbourhood on Priceline. However, if they don't allow you to limit your reach to neighbourhood, I really wouldn't try it - it's a big town and I think it might be hard to get around subject to the kinds of obstruction.

I have 4 stars quite inexpensive motels -cluding the Omni Royal and JW Marriott for $75 per room (JW was to New Year). I was lucky at Marriott - $60 per room (that was in summer) and Sheraton - $75 per room. Please review and also if there are any major convention at the moment of your visit.

If you really don't mind where you are or are willing to research the results, Priceline can be great. Priceeline will guarantee you a room for 2 persons. Generally, the hotel will try to work with you, but if they are full, you will be allocated the last rooms.

What are the juridical questions regarding the provision of disabled access rooms for travellers using a blank bidding-site? Godspeed! I' m using priceline. com all the while, but I do research first. Examine out and you will see what Hotels are being listed and also what awards folks are getting them for.

I am a risk taker and I have already reserved rooms before and then phoned the hotels to ask for 2 more. A tip I learnt was when you speak to someone in the motel and they tell you they can't 2 beds...guarantee up and call back in 8-hour ("they're off their shift).

If you call again to ask for 2 extra bed, you will not speak to the same individual when their shifts are over. You could still get a 4* motel even if you offer 3*. Simply think about increasing your offer by a few bucks each bet. I suggest that you place no less than 4-star bids on a property.

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