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With Priceline, you get more savings and offers than any other traveler. Priceline is a one-stop store for travellers looking for great offers with several ways to cut down on the cost of rooms, rentals, airfares, holiday packs and cruise holidays; discount on released hotels, rentals and airfares through Express Deal( (R) and Name Your Own Price(R) Service. stored through its range of booking service offerings.

Discount on released hotels, rentals and airfares through Express Deals( (R) and Name Your Own Price(R) Service. stored by its set of booking service; discount on released hotels, rentals and airfares through Express Deals(R) and Name Your Own Price(R) Service. founder sued Google over offers service

Though Google Offers has not yet officially started, the site is already before its first sue? founded Walker Digital, a privately held R&D laboratory in the late 90s, is filing a suit against Google alleging infringement of four of the company's intellectual property rights. Proceedings seeking grand juries seek indefinite compensation and a continuing restraining order.

Googles Offers started to register in three US locations and has not even started yet. Walker Digital's case was brought in U.S. District Court last night. No. earlier this months, the firm brought 15 similar lawsuits against more than 100 defenders, among them Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Groupon, Amazon, eBay and Apple.

Last year Walker Digital also filed a lawsuit against Facebook for its "friending" technologies, according to paid content. Here is a copy of the latest lawsuit against Google listings, with kind permission of the Gametime IP-Blogs.

Bookings: For 20 years Priceline offers $50M on 20 day and over.

30 April - The affiliate of Norwalk-based Booking Holdings celebrates its 20 year existence with a $50 million discount for 20 consecutive years. This is the biggest sales in its entirety. The Priceline was formed in 1998 by Jay Walker, with the firm signing William Shatner in the same year as his pitch man "The Negotiator".

Advertisements with Shatner before the company's start created a request that caused Priceline's server to crash in the first few minutes the site went online. As part of Priceline's "Tweniversary" campaign, the website will publish a new offer for air travel, hotel, rental cars, cruise ships and bonus cards every day until Saturday, 19 May, at 6.00 a.m. Eastern Time.

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