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Assistance in canceling a price line booking Priceeline is an on-line provider of airfares, hotels and car rentals at discounted fares. In order to maintain the low fares, clients may lose certain benefits, such as the right to view all package detail and to modify or revoke a booking prior to buying. There are two ways to buy air and car hire tickets: Regular fares and "Name Your Own Price" fares.

This is available at a much lower cost but does not allow for refund, modification or cancellation. If a traveller uses a "Name Your Own Price" airfare, he/she must be willing to travel with an airlines or lose the amount due if he/she cannot use the airfare. Priceline provides many additional to the" Name Your Own Price" tariffs in a more conventional form with all the information you need, such as the name of the company and the length of stay.

Travellers can either cancelling or changing these trips, subject to the airline's guidelines. Priceline has no flat-rate cancelation arrangement for confirming reservations for hotels or rented vehicles. Cancellations are checked by the single hotels or companies. Priceline allows its clients to cancelling or exchanging flight cards bought on the same date on a case-by-case base.

You must have bought the ticketing before 11:30 p.m. If an air carrier changes the timetable, you can also cancellation the ticketing without penalties. These are also governed by the guidelines of the airlines. Many travellers have more options to withdraw a booking than under normal conditions.

Priceeline provides traveller protection - a Stonebridge Casualty Insurancer. Whilst Priceline sales are usually governed by the cancelation guidelines of the airlines, hotels or hire companies, many of your Priceline ticket cancellations in conjunction with Priceline trip coverage are in accordance with the terms of the Priceline membership agreement.

In order to revoke a ticket bought via Priceline, please first directly call the carrier. Priceline representatives have all of their contacts and website numbers in the" Customer Service Telephone List" in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Help Center. Cancellations of reservations made on the same date can be made directly to Priceline either by completing the e-mail enquiry request in the on-line help or by phoning the toll-free number.

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