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For more information, check out the reviews below or submit your own. Where can I find out that I can trust these reviews through Priceline? The hotel I booked is "pets allowed," Priceline says.

Price line reviews (as of May 2018)

I' ve reserved two rooms with Priceline Expres. I' m choosing a four-star motel and I' ve been paying a fortune. They gave me a two-star room from the old rooms when I came in. and I spoke to three operatives on the telephone for an entirehour.

Do not use Priceline again! It was a great journey to Calgary, but the Priceline experiences were terrible. Priceeline was a good firm that took care of its clients. Priceeline said that this hotel we had reserved only had "two rooms left" and we thought they were offering the cheapest prices available.

And we thought that if we could find a lower installment, they would "agree in price". We' found a lower fee at the motel, about $120. Also Priceline reduced the prices on her website right after we had reserved the "last two rooms". We also learnt that the motel has 60 rooms.

Immediately we got in touch with Priceline to ask for a "price comparison", but we were said they couldn't do that. Asked why Priceline advertised "only two rooms", the agent said it was standard procedure and accepted that it was fake advertisement. I' ll never use Priceline again. They' re nothing but a middle man who steals your cash and lies to you.

Do not use Priceline if you are booking directly at the hotels or with another comany! As all those who try to get a better accomodation for a better rate, I used the function "Name Your Own Price". I was a little frustrated and immediately took a look at the property on her side and found that this property had an offering that was $100 less than what my bids were for.

Unnecessarily, this is an ethically misleading way of stealing from their clients, instead of either immediately adjusting the rates or choosing a better place to be. By the time I phoned, "all they could do" was to reimburse the balance but not to reverse the reservation; it was as if I had been forced, but there was some small cash for an over at home.

While I cannot tell anyone what to do, I strongly encourage you to hire another tour operator who will appreciate and appreciate you and your organisation. Do not let yourself be cheated, robbed and/or fooled - DO NOT BOK WITH PAY!!!! I' ve reserved a room through But I liked the guaranteed rate comparison.

In fact, I found my same hotel/same room/same date at a lower price not too long after making my booking. It would have been FREE to cancel my booking as I was still within the timeframe. AFTER we had decided to stay and they would like to reimburse the balance, I phoned CS and was really happy that they seemed so effective and said to me that I should just keep my actual booking, mail them the receipts.

As I disagreed with what she said and challenged things too much, she then said to me that I would only have been eligible for a $6.40 reimbursement if it had been $240. So, what is it Priceline? Priceeline has a very bad CLIENT SERVICE. No refunds will be given to you under any circumstance.

I' ll never use Priceline again. Where can I find out that I can rely on these reviews through Priceline? Please provide us with your details to make sure our auditors are genuine. Our use of smart technology to help us keep the ratings intact. The presenters of our site are reading all reviews to check our work. So I wanted to give you a feedback about my Priceline expertise.

I' d definitely use Priceline again any time. I have reserved a vehicle at Frankfurt Airport via Priceline for ?650. Although I had approached Priceline several occasions, I did not get an answer. When I was using my credit cards to buy an airline seat, I contact Priceline support and call them before departure.

Cancelling and refunding the tickets I did not authorise. I' ve always posted my travels through Priceline, but now I'm repulsed by their promotions and how they let someone take my $ to make a booking although I phoned to let them know. I was slapped in the face, so I cancelled my forthcoming journey and won't use Priceline or my 15 family.

but I think Priceline is great with fraudsters taking cheap tricks on their faithful clients. On July 23rd I reserved a room that was reserved now, you will have to make the payment when you arrive at the room. I had a problem with my older mom and cancelled my booking the next day.

I still had my credit cardholder billed by the motel. Priceeline approached me in July after I had given all my banking papers and they said that the price line will return my funds and in 3-10 workdays. Well, today is 10 working days and when I phoned, they said they would begin my lawsuit until August 2, 2018, which is a weeks after they phoned and said I will receive my funds in 10 working days.

I' m asking for my own cash so I don't have to put up with this disorganized firm. They deliberately made my reservation for a weekend later than the same date, and after I realised what they were doing, I tried to call off and they took the necessary steps to reimburse my 104.

Then 00 (72 hr.) back to the bench (GoBank), which I also hates and despises, kept the moneys for another 14 dag. I' ve got nothing but bad tragedy and completely no backing from either of them. To use or GoBank is not recommended unless you want to get/loose your wallet torn.

BOTH PRICELINE AND GOBANK ARE ABSOLUTELY IMMORAL FIRMS AND MAY INTEREST LESS IF THEY TOOK THEIR LAST BUCK. I' d like to take Priceline to court 100%, if at all possible, and I have another boyfriend who has the same problem with Priceline. I' ve recently book a mobile home stay in a hospitality establishment through this Canadian firm.

I' ve posted a'special offer' which was non-refundable and of course my balance was settled in US dollar. When I spoke to a salesman, I was asked to change the currencies in a drop-down list, although the quotation itself did not say anything about USdollar. Still have the orginal hyperlink at my initial non-refundable discount, which has neither a US nor a cue.

Don't make any reservations with this insidious firm. DO NOT USE THE PRICE LINE!!!!! I am a seniors and have reserved a Hertz car via Priceline. I was not able to leave on the day of collection due to a modification in my international removal firm. Tried to annul booking through Priceline and was declared that my kind of booking for $200 was completely non-refundable and non-transferable.

Priceline charges me the full amount, although I will not pick up the vehicle. They' re also paying me $75 to rebook a $102 fare, so Priceline takes $275 for a vehicle and a fare I won't use.

Precineline is a fraud. Isn' t couturier the two of the bill recovery that Priceline message. If I had made my reservation directly with Hertz, a call to reverse the reservation would not have been expensive. DO NOT use PRICELINE again. The confirmation of the reservation said "Free cancelation until collection".

That'?s how Priceline makes her living and needs rules on fraud. You provide a little saving on renting a vehicle, air travel and hotel; date of payment of your booking to know a certain percent of the bookings will be cancelled. Amount debited to our bank account is pure gain for Priceline.

When using Priceline, please note that it is a SCAM! Been reading a lot of reviews in which the same misgivings were expressed with their provisos. Spare yourself the sorrow that other Priceline casualties have suffered. DO NOT USE THE PRICE LINE!!!!! We' d taken a holiday to Alabama to see my little girl. Priceine wouldn't do anything for us.

This is why my spouse ended up canceling but didn't want the remainder of us to because we can't allow ourselves to just give that amount away for nothing. to get my kid into school. and then on the telephone and they wouldn't help me.

I' ve also been informed that the manager will not talk to the clients, so no exemptions will be made. I' ve used Priceline many a time and after this I will NEVER use it again. I' m booking a Priceline for my cousin's anniversary trip. The original date of this trip was 21.12.17 and the date is 11/11/18-11/17/18.

When I made the reservation, I got several e-mails about the amount due and when I had to do it. My original crusade was cancelled due to fraud and I was inactivated.

At 8:09 a.m. on July 24 they sent me an e-mail saying that I had to make the down payment within 48h of receiving the e-mail, otherwise my order would be canceled. About 5h later, I got an e-mail informing me that my order had been canceled. So, I immediately phoned Priceline.

I had a very impolite conversation with the man who said that I owe more than that. Said he could resume my reservation, but I would have to spend $70 more per capita because the "prices" have been changing since I posted them, which was a FULL CHARACTER.

Well, I said no. He then said they canceled my reservation and would all but pay me $100 back for a surcharge. So, I phoned her on August 1. Eventually I was able to talk to a superior and she put the blame on me and said she couldn't pay back my moneys.

She said it made no point in the system not telling me the right amount I owe and it made no point in taking my cash and not telling me that more was due before you just canceled my $13 reservation she said she could give me a coupon for a prospective trip that wouldn't help me book me through the carneval.

That firm cheated on me and took my moneys. And I ** said to push up the coupon ** because I didn't want it. Call Hertz, who said I had to call Priceline because Priceline is the one they use for onlinebooking. I just made a new booking, I explained that they should honour my prize because of no failure of my own, that my rent ave been canceled and that they should have postponed my tenancy to another Hertz for the van I had on hold for the prize I signed up for.

When I made my booking, I made it early to reduce the costs that I paid for a $547 in all. 72, if I try to get a truck now, it's between $800 and $1500. They say they are a prize on the pop-up, but are always higher. I think Priceline owed me one.

During the trip from Mesa, AZ to Chicago, IL I went on-line to make a booking in Illinois. Reservations representative replied to the telephone "Hampton Inn" and made my booking for $166. 74 that/at. Arriving at the motel just to realize that I had been spoken to and cheated on by "Priceline" in Thailand!

It was $113. I already had my debit-card but the hotel only got permission to pay $50. DON'T USE A PRICE LINE. Obtain the name of the accommodation and call directly. If you have inadvertently booked a room through You added over $40 at my indicated price and indicated that they were reservation charges.

They' ll get away with it by informing you of the default cost and reservation and then not send you a bill. If you are trying to get a bill, you will get a huge run around, no human can help you and they will send you back to the POS website, which will give you only your reservation information, no definitive pricing until you see it on your charge cardholder invoice.

Inquiring about the increased rises, I phoned and was on holding for 22 mins. After the non-English speaker was eventually collected, I was instructed that all I can do is go to her website, which, as I said, will only show the book. The Horrible Company, which should be out of business by now.

So I had to spend the whole evening in a North Florida room, book a room on Priceline, which they billed me $61. 97, and when I arrived at the motel, they only billed me $47.46! So, I named the motel they accept to write my bankroll while I' m still standing, but I also phoned Priceline to find out why I'm being booted $14. 51 DIFF, they reviewed to me by both women that it's a benefit that the institution makes.

I' m asking for a reimbursement of the balance and you have no way to do that. I' ll never use Priceline again, I'll call the resort before I even make a reservation, because I have no idea who's cheating on me. It' all a lies that you can get a better prize.

Embarrassment of you Priceline for cheating the folks you make millions! I' ve reserved a Priceline in Israel. Priceline gave me the final prize of $189. Obviously when I wanted to collect my vehicle, there was a long problem - where Priceline does NOT give the real cost.

I had documents from my payment processing firm that I was insured. And it ended up charging over $300 to get the vehicle, which Priceline said would be costing me $188. NOT WITH PRICE LIST. There are guidelines from certain types of accommodation that are not specifically described to the client at the time of reservation, so if you make a mistake in finding a room in the evenings, there is no room for you to make changes or claim a reimbursement from the school.

You' ll have to call Priceline, who then calls the motel, and you find yourself powerless between motels that say it's on Priceline to help you, and Priceline who says it's on themotel. I' ve reserved a room at Ramada Inn from Wyndham Rockville Centre, NY via Priceline Cheque in 7/18-7/24th.

Priceeline gave it 4 asterisks. After I came to the motel and had to go to 4 rooms before I eventually called Priceline to tell them that I want my funds back and I will be booking somewhere else. He was less than a badge. Priceeline approached the hospital and was able to send me a reimbursement for all but one night.

But I didn't really felt secure and went out the next day after I had booked another one. Love the other motel. Contact Priceline to get a reimbursement for the first overnight, because I was afraid. So they sent me an e-mail saying that their ratings were correct and that it was essentially my intention to be there.

You called the hoteI and the hoI declined to reimburse my first one. I' m going to contact my cc firm to discuss cargo I told to Priceline and they weren't very cute about it. I had a problem this case which will cause me to reconsider my reservation with a third person.

I thought Priceline was different, I don't think so. I' m looking for a room in a city. The results I received from Priceline again mention that I am 5 persons and explained that the rooms are good for me. I' ve reserved the room for two-night stay, a total of $700+-. I phoned the motel a fortnight later to make sure everything was okay.

 This is confusing as Priceline has no problem pushing you into a room that is not convenient and even null - just to make another $$. Calling support, I got an agent who doesn't know English (which would have been good if she had been helping me).

However, the answer I received was - "You can reverse the booking - it is ok" - "WOW - Thank you, I am so happy that you allow me to reverse a wrong and deceptive booking - LOL". Bottom line is, I'm back to finding a place without Priceline's help.

So, be cautious when you are booking and make sure that Priceline - you have no trouble with it, false and deceptive. I' m traveling a great deal and I liked Priceline - but just guesses - I'm done with them, they don't earn my money. I' ve reserved an express for Arlington, VA for August 2018.

When I had done all this, I would scroll to a selection without even realizing which hotels I would get, but I was happy that I knew that my filter and prices would be located. When I had made my payment, the motel was selected for me. They' re all right. I got in touch with the hotels to make sure they had everything I needed.

They are not guaranteeing the comfort of Priceline and they do not offer refunds or help me move to a property to meet my needs. Usually, it is not a good idea to have a website that has a lot to offer. I told Priceline that this is a misleading advertisement on their website that allows users to select and pay for them.

Then, a property is selected for the individual and the property has nothing you have asked for, and now you still have to pay. I' ve called my payment processing firm and they deny the demand. I' ll never use Priceline again. The Priceline is a rip-off and does not meet people's needs and worries.

You trivialize clients on the telephone after they have taken your funds and do not request a refund. Can' t allow myself to waste my time on a place that doesn't meet my needs. ! Priceline YOU SUK!!!!! I' m going to support the resume of TahniMara von Cartersville, GA, a reviewed reviewer who announced on July 25, 2018.

I' ve been using Priceline Express offers for a long period of the year and have always been quite pleased, but now I am totally mistaken. I' ve reserved a "2. 5"-star-resort, which said everywhere else it was 2 storys. I was in the queue for a long period of inactivity and sent to two different sections, and I was basically said that I was a liar.

Their system knew better than Google (or following reviews). Be cautious if you book a little less than 3 stars through Priceline Express Deals, if it seems too good to be the truth, it probably is! Don't rely on Priceline's in-house reviews and you know that every call you make to support will be answered with an outright refusal to help you.

While on a Roadtrip, I rented a room in Amarillo, TX at Camelot Inn for $4.51. When I got to Amarillo, I came across a large poster board for the property, which advertised a room in the same property for $30. Dependent on Priceline to find the best prize, I was quite angry when I discovered that they no longer did what they advertised and promised they would do.

I' d urge anyone other than Priceline or their affiliate website,, before you give these dodgy businesses preferential card issuance time. I' ve booked a Chicago room for my man and myself with our little boy through Priceline's Express Deal. Looking through the reservations information, the website says: "Kids Stay Free.

" After clicking on "Confirm reservation" it turned out that we have reserved the Drake for up to two people. I' m calling the motel to make sure the three of us can get checked in. I was contacted by the booking personnel who asked me to call Priceline as our booking was made through Priceline.

While I was chatting with a Priceline agent on-line, the individual was not kind and unhelpful and asked me to call the Drake Hotel again. So I went back and forth and nobody could tell that it is okay for 2 grown-ups and 1 kid to be in our room.

Eventually I phoned Priceline again and was able to speak to an assistant who was helping, but she approached Drake and then said that if we wanted to remain there all three of us would have to convert our room into a $88 extra cost home room. I was angry because Priceline said I could take my kid, and now Priceline says that the room I reserved is only for 2 grownups, although I have a screen shot, just before I confirm my booking, that children remain free.

So I asked the Priceline representative to help me undo the booking because Priceline mislead me and gave me false information, but she said she could not undo my booking. Said I could only get two single berths at no extra cost, and they can't fulfill my wish for a double berth.

Priceline's employees have tried to help us, but Priceline provides deceptive information along with the property trying to bill us more for what we should have! Nor was the motel prepared to speak to me about the fact that "we can't do anything that has been reserved through Priceline and you have to do it.

Priceeline should be sincere and delete their website! Now in Canada a hote to reserve a Canada based hotelier, with a Canada based debit or debit cards I went to to do it. It was $71. What a good business. The information you need to make a reservation for a room at Delta Marriott in Halifax, a great place to stay.

By the time the reservation was made, it turned out that we were paying $105 in all the tax and various services fees that the property had previously billed to us. Then, we went through the bill. It was in US Dollar. Well, on the front page of everything you post with them, there is no other money than the prize.

It was assumed to be in CAD as we are Canadians and use a local provincial bank account in Canada to make a hotel reservation. Many of us live in a hotel in Canada, the USA, Europe, etc., but we felt that it was not the lowest price we could get on the basis of what Priceline advertised.

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