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Priceeline announcing the largest sale of all time

Priceline-one of the world's biggest on-line tour operators celebrates its twentieth birthday on April 30. Of course, the website has started its biggest sale ever: 20 successive trading nights with offers and substantial rebates on air, hotel, rental cars, cruise, travel package and major comebacks. There will be a new agreement on the website of the reservation agency every Monday, 30 April and Saturday, 19 May at 6.00 EST - just in line for the holiday period.

Priceline said in a declaration that she wants to cut US travellers almost 50 million dollars within 20 working day as part of her "Tweniversary" advertising campaig. Priceline presented its first flight deal on April 30: cost reductions on tens of thousand services in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In order to keep up with Priceline's special rates from 30 April to 19 May, please go to

It'?s the twentieth centenary! Priceeline celebrates its 20-year jubilee with $50 million in savings over 20 years and the largest sale in the company's entirety.

In the last two centuries, this has driven the transition from a young dotcom start-up to one of the biggest global tour operators on the Internet. In order to thank the travellers on the evening before their 20 years of existence, priceline today launched the "Tweniversary" advertising campain, which comprises 20 successive working day offers and substantial price reductions.

It is the biggest sale in the Priceline story. The Tweniversary is designed to help travellers make $50 million in 20 working day time. Offerings cover cost reductions on tens and hundreds of millions of flights, hotel, rental cars, cruise, travel parcels and major airline and airline ticket awards. Priceline's Tweniversary Specials are available here. You can find them via priceline's portable application, which always has the best offerings in the price line world.

Alert and surprising deals will also be posted on priceline's Facebook, Instagram- and Twitter channel on a regular basis. priceline has created a new ad campain with William Shatner for its 20th anniversary. Shatner, the productive performer, writer and vocalist, began working as a speaker for priceline in 1998. He has been a member of Priceline for twenty years and is considered one of the most sustainable VIP partners in the annals of marketing by now.

As" The Negotiator" did help the travellers realize that the price was there to make the best possible offer for each of them. This price line provided offers that were not available elsewhere. The Tweniversary is a multi-channel advertising campaig. Click here to see the shot by priceline for its 20 year jubilee.

The Priceline was established by the famous businessman Jay Walker. Walker's view - that the web could change the relationship of forces in tourism and place it in the consumer's hand - was the cause of the price line. For the first time, Priceline is providing a so-called "perishable inventory" in travel: seating that the airline companies were unable to resell at retailer prices.

First, Priceline encourages travellers to use "Name Your Own Price" for travel. You have received a ticket if an air carrier had a place at the fare you indicated. Then Priceline started to offer car rentals and then hotel accommodation. There has been and still is a considerable amount of depleted stocks in each industry, and the market for pricing lines has been beneficial to both providers and travellers.

Now Priceline provides a broad palette of services that include air travel, hotel, car hire, holiday package, cruise, alternative accommodation - such as condominiums, houses and flats - and much more. The Priceline reservation system has been further developed and is now optimised for the needs of today's travellers, with the highest levels of portability, lightness and rapidity.

Priceeline gives travellers insight into the pricing available throughout the entire tourism sector, both at reduced rates and in-store. Please see or join on Facebook and Twitter for more information. If you have any questions regarding the press, please do not hesitate to get in touch with M Booth at Priceline, part of Booking Holdings Inc. is the leading provider of on-line tour offers.

Priceeline provides travellers with intelligent and simple ways to cut costs on hotels, flights and rentals, package tours and cruise holidays. Priceline's Express Deals® provide exlusive cost reductions without bids, and our name Your Own Pricing® Services provides the cheapest available rates. Priceline allows travellers to make cost cuts at every step of the way and thus further enhance their travel experience.

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