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I' called Delta to see if she's ready for an earlier/later day of the flight. Could you wait for the Priceline tickets the same day? And they gave her an early round trip plane out. I' m calling Delta to see if she's ready for an earlier/later day of the game. I' m informed that my daugher could have paid 25 dollars three hours before her plane back and that she would be vouched for on a later one.

As I asked the agents if this was the same policy for a Priceline ticketing, the agents seemed puzzled and didn't know what I was about. Did someone do this on Priceline card? There are no precise replies, but in general the stand-by regulations for all carriers are quite slack.

This means that all types of ticketing - Deep-Discount, Consolidated, FF Awards - are permitted. This should be the same with the $25 "confirmed" state. But, of course, it only works if there is space on the plane you want to provide. You are not always available, regardless of how you receive your ticketing.

Three hours stand-by with Delta is great..... but you need to take a little care of some detail. When you have a ticket for a 8am ticket and want to stand for the 3pm plane, for example. Failure to book a cancellation before 8 a.m. will result in the loss of everything.

What's nice about the 3-hour stand-by is that the ticket for which you want to "standby" only has to have free places, not places in the same category of catered for. This means that if you have a ticket for the "T" category, it is not necessary for the "T" category to be available on the desired game.

When you want to modify the trip without the stand-by feature, go ahead and make the modification to your route, then the same classes of services must be available and the DL modification charge is usually $50.00. While you can make multiple changes to the stand-by booking, the $25 modification charge would be applied to each one.

Guess the cause of the agent's confusion is that the company is issuing tariff regulations for the airfare, not the person issuing the ticketing. Therefore, it does not make any difference which office is issuing the flight to. There are some carriers that do not allow stand-by ticketing, but I do not know the DLs.

They can call their support and ask for further information, or even better, you can call Priceline and they will tell you. There is no such thing as a Priceline ticketing in the language of the airlines - there are only different tariffs. Tickets purchased via Priceline are probably encoded as mass or at least strongly discount/strongly limited-rates.

There are other resources (e.g. consolidators) that are likely to be selling seats in the same category of services. Conclusion - don't be afraid that it was purchased through Priceline, don't even say it when you call Delta to complete the 3-hour stand-by deed. As Seamus says, I believe that Priceline tiles are generally encoded as "bulk".

However, I believe that many carriers are restricting the stand-by mode for all large volume ticket purchases. For clarification only, in order to be reconfirmed on a later Same Day Confirmation service, she DOES NOT have to call within 3 hrs of the planned take-off date of the new service 3 hrs before the planned take-off date of her initial service.

At 4:00 pm, when the traveller wants to be on stand-by at 7:00 pm, he can see that there is no more space, and this is the last plane of the day. So he just ditched his tickets and now has to buy an expensively new one. I felt that the O.R. thought that her subsidiary could call 3 hrs before her initial departure and be reconfirmed on a later plane, which is not the case.

But the big one is that you just miss your early trip, you are not on any later trip and they are FULL. Writing to another carrier will not occur because it is not the airline's responsibility that it "missed" its regular service.

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