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Airline and Google flights offer better prices than airlines - Air Travel Forum

I see a multi-city trip from LAX>>>>LRH>>Rome with Air New Zealand to London and British Airways to Rome, and then Zurich>>>>LRH>>LAX with the same carriers on the way back. I phoned Air New Zealand to make the booking according to Google's instructions and they said there were no more cheap British Airways connections.

But when I go to Google flies and kayak, it shows the low price, about $ 400 less expensive than the carrier cited. Indeed, when I click on the Priceline on the kayak page, Priceline actually shows the low price that Air New Zealand could not get. Shall I go ahead and make a reservation on Priceline?

Kayak and Priceline do not really display any of the prizes. Websites with these fares do not have a direct connection to the airline companies. You' re quoting a very low cost (which may have passed once) to suction you in. When you click on "Buy", your ticket will be billed for the low rate promoted, but you are actually only asking for the rate to be verified.

Later on, the website gets back to you to say that the low cost is no longer available, and you will have to pay an additional $$$$$. There' s no such thing as a low -cost airfare fee. When a website has rates that are significantly lower than the airlines rate, there is a high likelihood that the website is a fraud of some kind.

There are two web sites that do not offer their own services. Air carrier conducting the trip says this is not possible. Is it the air carrier that actually operates air travel, or two sites that have nothing to do with the carriers that do it? For me it would be no trouble to book through Priceline.

I' d anticipate that a worst-case case is an e-mail saying that the ticket is not available at the stated fare and that your trade has been canceled. "While I was calling Air New Zealand to make a reservation " Did you try to make an on-line reservation with ANZ? I' ve made a couple of bookings with Priceline (including about 15 years ago when they were offering name Your Own Prize for flights) and got a cancellation agreement to take the MIL from California to the UK.

They have been used for hotel use in recent times without any problems. Most importantly, you will not be able to keep the announced prices and you will have to spend a little more. DouglasDC8, I tried booking on-line with ANZ. This page doesn't allow you to patch up a plane with another carrier, so I named it like Google ordered.

You said they tried but BA wouldnt acknowledge fits with the low cost, so instead of $1052 for my travel plan, ANZ rated me $2200. Preiceline still cited the $1052 for my route, but because of the contributions in this forums I resisted. Are they obliged to inform you within 24h if they are unable to make the reservation at the indicated rate?

Or, waiting beyond the 24-hour interval and then tell you the worst message, which then obliges you to find a higher tariff with them. Anyone know the Priceline flight reservation requirements? I think that many of the best rates are on several routes, and in most cases it seems that you need to use a third party in order to get them, right?

Which would be, if I would try to reserve each stage individually on-line, one over ANZ and the other over BA? Do I have to pick up my baggage in LHR and take it to the BA and re-register, or are there other traps you can prevent if you are using several airlines on the same "ticket"?

Priceline will otherwise be able to verify quite quickly and if they cannot keep the price, the 24 hour period is out of the question anyway. I' m using Priceline for my booking and never had a hitch. When you use Priceline for your flight and if there is a issue, you need to work with Pricleline to solve it.

This can sometimes be a stressing pain, as the carrier will simply redirect you back to Priceline when you come near them to solve the issue. If things go right with a third party airliner reservation it can be great, but if things go badly, it can end up being a catastrophe.

It is only a datapoint, but I would only say I posted to PL, the fares displayed were available, and I had no prob. 3. partys such as expandedia and priceline have real time awards and many time they are lower priced than the airways.

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