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Excursion packages price list holiday packages Cashback offers: Packages for groups A group trip will create beautiful recollections. Groups are also perfect in price, as a group can split the cost and get better fares. And to find ways to make travelling accessible means being able to do more travelling. Combination of the best offers of travelling with the best hotels is already a much cheaper means of transport than other possibilities of travelling.

Coach trips are almost half the cost of a railroad, more than half the cost of a rented vehicle and more than a third of airfare. You can also reduce the stresses of road transport, comply with the safety regulations of the airports and benefit from the most secure way of land transport in the state.

There is no need to take care of the drink and drive or the needs of a particular rider. For group trips we provide discounts and through our Priceline partner you can save up to 3% on group reservations. Choose your car from our pool of tour busses, mini busses, nightbusses and more.

Eliminate the hassle of heavy travel and make your journey more accessible.

Here is what counts for Priceline's $590 rating - Booking Holdings Inc. MAN: (NASDAQ:BKNG)

Priceeline (PCLN), a premier on-line tourism office (OTA), offers its clients a wide variety of tourism related product and service offerings such as hotels, airfares, rental cars, cruise and holiday packages. They operate on-line journey portal --,,,, and -- which connects travellers with tour operators all over the globe.

Priceeline recently announces the takeover of Kayak, a leader in the field of voyage research, which marked its start in metasearch. We offer a snap-shot of how Priceline is making a living and the key sectors contributing to its expansion. What are Priceline's clients? With Priceline, it makes it easier for travelers to find their way around by giving them simple one-stop shopping for airline, hotel, cruise and package bookings.

Clients are those looking for recreational and commercial use. Priceline's client list also includes providers of tourism related product and service providers who promote on their sites. PreCline offers its clients the possibility to obtain tourism service according to the conventional rate structure and/or the attractive rate structure.

According to the conventional fee disclosure scheme, the business receives a fee for each deal on its website. Under the non-transparent tariff scheme, the user offers a reduced rate and Priceline deserves the differential between the amount a person is willing to afford and the amount the tour operator charges.

Since 2008, Priceline has recorded significant double-digit sales increases. and made $4. 4 billion in revenues in 2011, achieving 35% operational income consistent across its busi ness segments. A growing presence in the global market and fast innovations have enabled Priceline to grow in all areas of activity.

Priceline is expected to grow further in the coming years, albeit at a lower rate. Whilst there are huge potential for further expansion, especially in global marketplaces, we see strong competitors from other OTA' and major research institutes limiting Priceline's further years. For the reporting year, we anticipate that our operative spreads will stay within the bandwidth.

Our on-line tourism service is a fiercely contested marketplace. To give themselves a head start in the market, tour operators are setting up new advertising campaigns and characteristics of customer value, such as the abolition of handling charges, the waiver of cancelation and modification charges, and so on. We therefore assume that intensive pricing pressure will limit our operative margin expansion.

With 97% of Priceline's sales and a share of around 83% of overall sales, hospitality is the most important business area in Priceline's product family. Reservations of hotels provide a return on sales of around 23%, making them the most lucrative segment in comparison with airline companies (3%) and rental and cruise companies (9%).

In our view, this is a strategically important part of Priceline's strategy for the Group' s success so far in leveraging our strong performance not only in the US but also in the world. Priceline's sales and hotel reservations are expected to rise in the near to mid-2010. At Priceline, we have concentrated on the expansion of our global presence.

We do, however, predict a slow decrease in Priceline's rates for hotels. Priceline's global business sells hotels mainly under the agent pricing scheme, which generates net income in the forms of provisions and reservation charges, resulting in lower margin sales. Priceline in the USA works mainly according to the merchants models, where the user bids on Priceline's website and the reservation is made.

Retailer models offer room for higher profit margin. In addition, the Asia Pacific growth could reduce the Priceline room rate. Increasing rivalry from direct on-line hotel sales and fierce rivalry from other OTA' s in the retail store would also reduce reservation and commissions for Priceline.

Whilst air fares account for almost 15% of Priceline's total reservations, they account for only 1.7% of the company's turnover. Aeronautics is perhaps the most competitively priced of all tourism related industries. This, together with the high level of price inflation, has resulted in changes in the structure of the aerospace sector.

In addition, carriers are increasing their sales of ticketing directly through their own web sites, which eliminates the need for onliners. This means that on-line tour operators are forced to cancel the handling charges for flight ticketing and the cancelling and shifting of charges in addition to those levied by the carrier itself.

However, the reservation of a flight is still an integrated part of the itinerary. The OTA can still book tickets as they are able to offer other value-added service such as hotels, rental cars, cruise ships and so on. With increasing competi- tion and declining sales margin, major operators like Priceline have better chances of surviving as they are better able to bundle different packages of vacation packages and offer additional destinations to attract people.

Furthermore, under the merchants scheme, larger player can receive better rebates from vendors due to mass booking. Priceline's revenues are generated by cruise lines and vehicle rentals at 1% and 2%, respectively. The cruise and rent ave always been part of the offer together with the destinations and complement each other within the framework of vacation packages.

But with the increasing number of reservations in recent times, cruising has developed into an independent voyage of its own. We therefore expect a slight rise in revenues from core business and vehicle rentals in the future. At present, Priceline is earning about 9% commissions for these tour packages. In contrast to other tour packages, which are usually bought separately, most of the time they are sold as part of a package such as vacation packages and as an additional benefit to other packages.

As a result, on-line tourist agents have room for higher sales margin. Priceeline makes only 0.3% of its income from promotional charges. As macroeconomic developments stabilise and the number of visitors to Priceline's website increases as its global reach increases, we expect to see constant income from advertisements.

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